We’re celebrating Chardonnay this March, and why not we say! This incredible grape does what no other varietal can … With the widest taste range of any white or red grape, its ability to adapt to climate, soil and winemaking techniques makes it a veritable chameleon. Loved by Winemakers because it’s a true blank canvas that they can fashion into a plethora of styles. An ancient grape with a colourful story, producing some of the most expensive white wines on the planet, and polarizing many drinkers with its huge array of flavours. Join us in learning all about this intriguing varietal, learn from the winemakers themselves in our exclusive video series, and shop from a stellar range of award-winning wines – including our limited edition Grand Cru pack, curated by us solely for Chardonnay Month.

Start your Chardonnay journey below with our informative blog, watch our video series from the incredible artists behind these great wines, and shop with confidence from a stellar selection of the very best Chardonnay available! Enjoy.