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Up to 89% OFF... world famous glassware

This is the “GLASSWARE SALE OF THE CENTURY”! If you’ve desired to serve wine from high qualityread more glassware but, like many, not been able to consider it because of the high cost... this is your generational moment, with discounts as high as 89%. It will never happen again! Unfortunately, some of the 12 pack glasses are too fragile to deliver by courier, these are only available in store... Spiegelau is very finely made and light in the hand... yet I’ve put mine in the dishwasher for years without streaking. Most fine glassware breaks at the joints between the stem, glass bowl and base. Not so Spiegelau, who were the first in the world to develop “ONE PIECE” glass technology.

The importer was delivered a double up on his shipment from Germany and he has no choice but to cash them up at ridiculous below cost prices in a one off never to be repeated SALE. This is not about buying containers of cheap glassware out of Chinese factories, selling them for a brief time at a higher price then advertising 50-70% OFF. This is famous GERMAN Wine/Craft Beer/Craft Spirit Glassware that you can buy at once in a generation prices because someone made a mistake... that’s all I’ll say... except order quickly. Jeff read less

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