Exclusive release of Hallertau's Pacific Pale Ale 1 Litre bottle!

Drink, reuse, repeat!

This hoppy NZ Pale Ale is brand new and released exclusively with Fine Wine Delivery in their environmentally friendly, completely reusbale 1 litre flagons!

Hallertau Brewery have taken environmentally friendly to the next level with their new The Keeper initiative. These are 1 litre glass flagons, filled with delicious, high quality NZ made craft beer. This Pacific Pale Ale is a brand new release, showcasing New Zealand hops which provide citrus and tropical fruit notes alongside a crisp malt base to really let the hops shine and leave a refreshing finish. Give it a taste, give the bottle a wash and then refill with your favourite liquid (or come back and fill it with one of our tap beers). Oil, kombucha, shampoo - the liquid potential is unlimited! Nearly 40% of glass put into recycling in NZ doesn't actually get recycled, so this is a great initiative from a local NZ brewery!

Hallertau Pacific Pale Ale 1 Litre Resuable Keeper Bottle

EXLUSIVE to Fine Wine Delivery is this environmentally friendly, resuable bottle of Pacific Pale Ale!

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Further Information

Brand Hallertau Beer
Region Auckland
Varietal Beer
Size 1ml
Alcohol % 5.0%
Country New Zealand


EXLUSIVE to Fine Wine Delivery is this environmentally friendly, resuable bottle of Pacific Pale Ale!

Hallertau have a brand new initiative called The Keeper, bringing you resuable 1 litre bottles full of delicious beer. It starts with Hallertau beer, and once you've drunk it the beer may be gone but the adventure is only just beginning. Clean your Keeper using soap and warm water and then refill with, well, whatever you like!

Some options include more beer from our fill your own station (of course!), kombucha, iced tea, dishwashing liquid, shampoo, soy sauce - the options are endless! Rinse and repeat. Literally!

With the amount of cans and bottles in recycling not actually being recycled, this is a great iniative from the brewery and makes this the most environmentally friendly beer in NZ.

This pacific pale ale is light and crisp, allowing the hop flavour to shine - expect underlying citrus and tropical fruit from the NZ hops!

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