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Tequila - while famous in popular culture as a cheap shooting spirit with lemon and salt - can be a fine spirit the equal of top whiskies, cognacs and gins. Tequila is a type of mezcal and is produced primarily in the town of Tequila and in the Jaliscan Highlands. It is made from the pinas of the agave plant, the finest containing higher percentage of the blue agave. Most Tequilas are only short-aged, since agave produces a delicate spirit that can be easily overwhelmed by excessive oak aging.

There are four main types of Tequila:

- Blanco - tequila in its purest form. It is clear in colour as these tequilas don't spend any time oak aging after distillation and present the purest agave character.
- Reposado - tequilas aged between 2- 12 months in oak barrels. This imparts a golden colour and a more complex oak character.
- Añejo - tequila spends at least 12 months in oak barrels. These present the most oak character of the tequilas.
- Extra Añejo - These will spend at least 3 years in barrel before bottling.

We have a range of 100% agave tequila, such as the Jose Cuervo Anejo 1800 Tequila. Try some today, you won't be disappointed!


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Arette Reposado Margarita Pack 2 x 700ml bottle

Arette Reposado Margarita Pack 2 x 700ml bottle

Jalisco, Mexico

Premium Margarita Pack! Makes 17 cocktails, just $4.60 each!

Elsewhere $105.00
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