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Behemoth Brewing and Andrew Childs are synonymous. He is the owner, brewer, and beer giraffe of Behemoth Brewing Company. But, how did he get this whole thing going? Well, he had been a big fan of good beer for a long time (dating back to when he collected beer glasses as an 11 year old with a paper run) and one day decided to turn his obsession into a career.

Andrew cut his teeth on good beer by having tasting trays of the Tuatara range when he was 19 or 20 at the old Malthouse in Wellington and from then on there was no looking back. He studied to be a lawyer at Victoria University in Wellington, even finishing off his degree in Uppsala, Sweden. But, when he got back to Wellington and found himself working a couple of government legal jobs that bored the hell out of him, he was lost. One New Year’s Eve, in the Wairapa, he told a bunch of friends to give him one resolution each. Paul Harrison, a lifelong friend, said, "you have always wanted to home brew, so why not give it a go?" That gave him the idea and he's been making beer ever since. Turning a hobby into passion and passion into a life dedicated to making bigger tasting beer. Cheers Paul!

Behemoth always loves trying new things and making bigger tasting beers. Life is too short to take seriously so the only thing we, the Behemoth family, take seriously is bigger tasting beers. Beers that are big, on flavour and fun, and creative, that is shown through our branding and mascot's, Churly, varied attire.

On a side note: In late 2015 Andrew and brewing buddy Jason, from McLeod's, were involved in a horrible brewing accident while brewing Behemoth's first lot of In Ya Face Double IPA, they both received burns to around 40% of their bodies and spent a long time in hospital. A full recovery for both is near and Andrew thanks you all, the Behemoth fan club, for your love and support during that trying time. It's taking a couple of years, but he says that he knows the accident has just re-enforced his calling in life. Beer!

It has been a crazy few years (now up to a team of six!) and we feel so lucky to be able to produce beers that people love to drink. Behemoth will always be coming up with new and interesting beers for you to enjoy. So look out for us, we will likely have something that is fun and tasty.


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