Brave Brewery | New Zealand Craft Beer

Georgia Davies, Beer Ambassador here at Fine Wine Delivery Co, has a love story with Brave Brewing. I first tried the Brave beers at the Hastings Farmers Market, and was blown away by the quality. After enquiring about where I could get some, I was told they were currently only selling their beers at the Farmers Market.

Over the next year, I visited them at the Farmers Market four times, taking the 6 hour drive down and stocking up on some of my favourites. Fast forward another year and I finally got word from Brave that they had enough stock to send to Auckland. From there Fine Wine Delivery Co was the first retailer in Auckland to proudly stock Brave on their shelves.

The Brave story starts with Matt, who was a keen home brewer and ended up winning some awards. Him and his wife Gemma began a plan to start a brewery in their hometown of Hastings, Hawkes Bay. They made the move back from Auckland and set up in the shed of their first home. They started, as we know, selling their beers at the Farmers Market and local restaurants and bars.

Things began to take off and they became an established brewery, word got out and demand grew for their beer. Before they knew it theior shed was no longer working and they needed to find an actual brewery space. They set up a bigger brew house, with better equipment and an onsite tasting room and cellar door.

We can't wait to see what happens next with the Brave team!

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