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LIberty started with owner and brewer Joe, home brewing. Impressively, his first ever beer was a Weizenbock. When he had to move from Auckland to New Plymoth, and couldn't get his hand on any home brewign supplies, he found Liberty Brewing - an online brewing supplies website and Joe quickly became their biggest customer and after time was offered the business.

When the market became more competitive, Joe had a plan - make beer with the products you stock so people could have a try first. He teamed up with Hashigo Zake to have a tap spot for his brews.

Within a month or so they had gained such a following for their beer that they had completely outgrown their brewery, and within a few months they started producing 300L batches of beer several times a month.

For a year or so they were doing ok with their small supply, but again ran out of production for demand. They came to Hallertau to brew their beer with them, before it became obvious they needed a brewery of their own. Now brewing from hellensville in Auckland and takign their beer to the masses!

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