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17 years in any industry is a long time, 17 years in hospitality? Oh the stories………. Bars, pubs, nightclubs, gigs, events, club nights, music festivals, lock-ins, promoting, bookings, marketing and a fair few after parties you name it, Ultimate Brews founder Chad Hopa has done it. A passion from somebody who comes directly from the hospitality industry and who’s always been about the industry has seen Chad launch Ultimate Brew Company in 2018.

Beer that is designed, crafted and brewed directly in Auckland, New Zealand whilst inspired by urban street culture from across the globe, Ultimate Brews goal is to create the ultimate experience and change the craft beer game.

Ultimate Brews first drop was their take on the NZ Pale Ale, the result? The most bad*ss premium beer ironically named the Ultimate Pale Ale. Ultimate Brews second release, the Ultimate All Day IPA is due to hit shelves April 2019 with a serious bang.

If we go back to Ultimate Brews key focus on wanting to create the ultimate experience, how do you achieve that? Well making great beer is just the start.

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