Meili Vodka 750ml

It’s taken founders Jason Momoa & Blaine Halvorson over 7 years to craft this to perfection.

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Further Information

Brand Unknown
Region Unknown
Varietal Vodka
Size 750ml
Alcohol % 40.0%
Country USA


Meili is more than Vodka, it’s also more than a celebrity spirit – “the essence of Meili emanates from fire, water, earth, and air. Every element is purveyed with quality and character in mind. The perfection within the process”. This perfection is noticeable in the quality of the product, pure, clean, premium grain-based vodka. Meili (pronounced MAY-lee) means beautiful, pretty or the loved one and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate name, not only is the packaging beautiful (made from 100% recycled material, no 2 bottles are the same) but the man behind it – Jason Momoa is an absolute specimen too. Be some of the first in the world to experience just how good vodka can be – enjoy it neat over ice with a squeeze of lime.

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25 Customer Reviews

Certainly a top vodka - it is very smooth compared to other vodkas of similar price.

26th September 2023 | Raewyn Dowling

Apart from the simply stunning and sexy bottle, this vodka is like silk on the palate and super flavorsome layers come through. Just love it.

26th September 2023 | Kris Gallagher

Great vodka, really smooth

26th September 2023 | Tanith Alexander

I've never had vodka straight and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it was to drink. I love the beautiful recycled glass bottle. Meili definitely deserves the 3 golds it won. Well done & congratulations Jason & Blaine.

26th September 2023 | Julie

Best vodka ever tasted, what more can I say

25th September 2023 | EAB

I highly recommend. Great neat or mixed. I don't think I can go back to cheaper brands now that I know how good vodka can actually be. Worth the hype and price.

25th September 2023 | Candice Van den Bos

Really smooth Vodka, just for sipping. Add a little ice if you must. I'd have it straight from the fridge.

25th September 2023 | Peter

With a superior flavor profile this vodka is a clear choice. Smooth and refined.

25th September 2023 | David Pikari

I found this Vodka a superb drink, with a refreshing taste as a clean shot as well as a mix. Made my own cocktail out of it, and my friends loved it. Nice choice.

25th September 2023 | Sivaswamy Mohanakrishnan

Having shared many a vodka with Russian and Polish contacts, I have tried many including Bison Grass and Reyka, but I will never add a mixer to a fine Vodka such as Meli. It is clear, odourless with no sediment or impurities that I could detect. I believe the filtering media is charcoal but I know some actually use silver. Alcohol is clearly present but does not dominate the smooth taste as it slides around the palate and down your throat. Also, there is an absence of a burning sensation, typical of a cheaper vodka. The packaging while eye-catching is not over-stated, and if you were of a mind you could reuse it as a candle holder in your cellar. (A 60's thing). All-in-all an excellent vodka at a reasonable price.

25th September 2023 | Terry Walsh

Simply an exceptional vodka

25th September 2023 | Bruce James Robertson

This vodka is unreal!! so worth paying the extra dollars for, so smooth to drink & also comes in such a cute bottle. It hasnt given me bad hangovers either lol. defo reccomend everyone to try it!!!

25th September 2023 | Bailey

It is a well balanced full flavoured vodka- well worth a try

25th September 2023 | Bryce Keith

Absolutely amazing Vodka. Very very smooth to drink. I find it to be slightly sweet which is nice. Lovely neat on the rocks.

25th September 2023 | Ben Dickinson

Where do I start..excellent through and through! This vodka is like a beautiful sipping tequila! But as we know it’s MEILI VODKA and it’s a superior vodka to all others, and will be for generations to come! Cheers Meili!

25th September 2023 | Dan Landale

This vodka is stunning! I've never had a "sipping" vodka before. It was surprisingly smooth.

25th September 2023 | Rebecca

You can definitely taste the difference with this vodka. It is incredibly smooth and is nice as a sipping vodka.

25th September 2023 | Rebecca

Warning: Meili is too good to drink with mixers! This delightfully smooth Vodka is best enjoyed straight without other influences (such as Coke!)

25th September 2023 | Tina Wilson

Absolutely stunning. Even my vodka hating partner likes it. There shall be more of this being bought on a regular occasion.

25th September 2023 | Owen P Thomas

Very smooth tasting vodka

25th September 2023 | Debbie Drewett

I was not previously a vodka drinker, now I won't drink anything else. The craftsmanship of the bottle reflects the quality of the vodka, smooth and well worth the price. I would recommend this vodka to anyone who is looking for an unforgettable drinking experience.

25th September 2023 | Elliot Blakely

Stunning bottle, vodka is great over ice. Gets a bit lost with mixer in my opinion

25th September 2023 | Ryan

Love this Vodka! So smooth, could sip on it all day. Thanks Momoa

12th July 2023 | Claire

Stunning Vodka, best I have ever had, smooth as. Love the bottle even more so the recycling of the glass and the ethics behind this product, thank you for bringing to NZ

29th June 2023 | katrina teichelman

The Best Vodka I've Ever Drank!

11th June 2023 | Donovan Vaetoru
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