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Fine Wine Delivery Co. are bringing you the freshest and most innovative way to drink your favourite craft breweries beer. Crowlers® are 946ml aluminium cans that are purged with CO2 for freshness, filled and sealed on the spot by our beer-ista to take home or deliver straight to your door. They are clean, easily transportable, don’t let in any damaging UV light and stay fresh and carbonated for at least two weeks after filling, so you can be sure when you crack them open they’ll be tasting like they’ve just been poured from our taps.
We’re the first retailer in NZ to stock and ship the Crowlers® nationwide, plus the first in Australasia to offer the resealable Crowler® lid. Simply untwist and pour, twist the lid back up to consume later. This unprecedented lid also contains an oxygen scavenger to prevent the dreadful oxidation of your beer after opening.
Crowlers cost $2.99 each & will be added to your online order automatically when you select your fresh tap beer.

Epic Beer Blanket Tap Beer

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This beer proves that Luke can do dark beers just as good as his IPAs, this toasty brew is the perfect warmer for those upcoming cold winter nights. Brewed with oats for that creamy texture, some rye malt for a hint of spice and a portion of heavy peated malt giving whisky smoke - this definitely is a warming, satisfying beer blanket of a brew.


$2.99/crowler can

FWD Co. & Fortune Favours Juicy Tart IPA tap beer

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OUr colaborative beer with Fortune Favours. Beer Ambassador, Georgia Davies, and Fine Wine Delivery Co. GM Richard Poole created this recipe on our grainfather before upscaling the brew with the team at Fortune Favours. WIth over 200 zested and juiced grapefruit in the beer, it has a grapefruit zesty bitterness backed with a ful bodied malt profile.


$2.99/crowler can

Renaissance Brewing Citrus Paradisi tap beer

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This one isn't for the faint hearted, folks! Renaissance are pushing the boundaries with this sour, grapefruit IPA - combining the zesty tartness of the sour with malty hop characters of an IPA. Grapefruit character dominates with medium tartness. Refreshing, sour, bittersweet and zesty - drink a pint with some fried chicken for the perfect pairing!


$2.99/crowler can

Moa Dry Hopped Pilsner Tap Beer

Moa's take on a classic style Pilsner using both German and Kiwi hops, with a blend of Mandarina and Motueka hops, they've produced a beer that is light straw to gold in colour with citrus fruit notes and an earthy taste. Perfect all year round


$2.99/crowler can

Hallertau Haller-Fine Cream Ale Tap Beer

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Recently in collaboration with our friends at Hallertau we went out to Riverhead and created a cream ale. Adam, Brewer, used to work at Pelican who makes one of the highest rated cream ales in the world, so he sure knows a thing or too and took us through the process. Made with flaked malts (no, no lactose is in this beer) and Mt Hood hop from America, this is a refreshing and light with a full mouthfeel and lingering herbal hop character fromt he Mt Hood hops. Perfect for when you feel like something a little more flavourful yet not too powerful!


$2.99/crowler can

Hallertau Wilderness Flanders Red Tap Beer

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Every year Hallertau brews the SOBA National Homebrew Champion Beer, giving it a full batch commercial release. 2015's winning beer was a Flanders Red Ale by Oli Drake of Christchurch's Wilderness Brewing. Other Champion beers have come and gone in the intervening years but due to the 2+ year cask aging in oak process we have had to be patient. Well the wait is finally over. A sour, fruity, red wine-like Belgian-style ale with supportive malt flavours and complex fruit flavours with the oak tannins that provide both structure in the body and dryness in the finish.


$2.99/crowler can

Renaissance Heritage Imperial Stout Tap Beer

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Renaissance marked its 1000th brew in February with a very special collaboration brew involving all the head brewers who have worked on the brand, including the original co-founder Andy Deuchars, Soren Erikson (8 Wired), Matt Dainty (Boneface), Jim Holly (Twisted Hop), Jason Bathgate (McLeod's). A huge, thick and viscous brew with almost a dozen malt varieties with dark berry notes, heavy toast notes and a rich dark cacao finish. A very special, limited edition brew from a very special bunch of brewers.


$2.99/crowler can

Raglan Brewing Co Golden Ale tap beer

Raglan is known for its surfing lifestyle, so it was a no brainer for Raglan Brewing Co to set up shop because what works betting than surfing and a nice cold beer! Focusing on good quality yet thirst-quenching brews, this golden lager really hits the spot. Pouring a clear golden colour, this ale has a pleasant medium malt backbone with cornflakes and freshly baked bread notes coming through with a pleasantly creamy yet refreshing finish, just avoid sand and enjoy.


$2.99/crowler can

Tuatara Hops & Streams Fresh Hop Pale Ale tap beer

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Tuatara have been the leader of fresh hop for years, with their Conehead setting the way, and Vastafarian continuing the trend. When we found out that this year's batch had to be dumped, we were extremely upset. Then we found out about Hops & Streams Pale Ale, an extremely limited edition Third Eye production with wild, fresh Kapiti riverside hops. Piney and floral on the nose, the light body gives way to generous bitterness and beautiful herbal hop flavours of sweet citrus and light stone fruit.


$2.99/crowler can

Garage Project May Fresh IPA Tap Beer

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Fresh IPA: A rolling, ever-changing monthly series of one-offs, brewed in small batches and usually only available from the Garage Project cellar door, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a few kegs. Ulfiltered and Unfined, Fresh May was brewed in collaboration with Viel Brewing Co. from Richmond, Virginia, USA for their Hapi Series. Brewed with Citra, Galaxy, Fresh Hop Motueka and Nelson Sauvin Hops, this beer stands up to The Veil's famous juicy IPAs (so famous people campovernight in their carpark before release). This beer is hoppy, juicy, bready and a bloody good IPA


$2.99/crowler can