Freshest Craft Beer in Town

Fine Wine Delivery Co. are bringing you the freshest and most innovative way to drink your favourite craft breweries beer. Crowlers® are 946ml aluminium cans that are purged with CO2 for freshness, filled and sealed on the spot by our beer-ista to take home or deliver straight to your door. They are clean, easily transportable, don’t let in any damaging UV light and stay fresh and carbonated for at least two weeks after filling, so you can be sure when you crack them open they’ll be tasting like they’ve just been poured from our taps.

We’re the first retailer in NZ to stock and ship the Crowlers® nationwide, plus the first in Australasia to offer the resealable Crowler® lid. Simply untwist and pour, twist the lid back up to consume later. This unprecedented lid also contains an oxygen scavenger to prevent the dreadful oxidation of your beer after opening.

Crowlers® are our recommended vessel of choice, not only for their freshness but because cans are more easily recycled than PET bottles. You can purchase Crowlers® in store for just $1 each. We will continue to refill your byo flagons but we will no longer be selling single use PET bottles.

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