Freshest Craft Beer in Town

Fine Wine Delivery Co. are bringing you the freshest and most innovative way to drink your favourite craft breweries beer. Crowlers® are 946ml aluminium cans that are purged with CO2 for freshness, filled and sealed on the spot by our beer-ista to take home or deliver straight to your door. They are clean, easily transportable, don’t let in any damaging UV light and stay fresh and carbonated for at least two weeks after filling, so you can be sure when you crack them open they’ll be tasting like they’ve just been poured from our taps.
We’re the first retailer in NZ to stock and ship the Crowlers® nationwide, plus the first in Australasia to offer the resealable Crowler® lid. Simply untwist and pour, twist the lid back up to consume later. This unprecedented lid also contains an oxygen scavenger to prevent the dreadful oxidation of your beer after opening.
Crowlers® are our recommended vessel of choice, not only for their freshness but because cans are more easily recycled than PET bottles. You can purchase Crowlers® in store for just $2.99 each. We will continue to refill your byo flagons but we will no longer be selling single use PET bottles.
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Epic Haze Fever Fresh Hop Hazy Pale Ale

How do you celebrate the first hop harvest in the world? Combining fresh hop fever with hazy fever to make this Fresh Hop Hazy Pale Ale. Fresh from Eggers Hop Farm in Nelson, these Riwaka hops were picked, packed, flown to Auckland and added to the tank within 8 hours. It's hard to beat the aroma and taste of fresh hops! ABV: 5% Standard Drinks: 3.9


Searchlight King of Beer Brut IPA

This champagne Brut IPA will fool you with it's light body, fine bubbles and hit of hop flavour, tasting deceivably light for it's 8.4%. Lower carb and sugar but not losing ABV or flavour! ABV: 8.4% Standard Drinks: 6.6


Fine Wine Delivery x Colab Brewing Hop Swap Hazy IPA

Our third collaboration with Colab Brewing, which have proven hugely popular, this time round with Zamba Hops with Mosaic and Citra. With a small increase in oat and wheat for a bigger mouth feel and even more hazy goodness! ABV: 6% Standard Drinks: 4.7


Isthmus Gone Troppo Mango & Passionfruit Sour

One of their most popular releases to date, Gone Troppo is kettle soured and fermented with mango and passionfruit pulp. It's loaded with tropical fruit flavour and aroma, with a tart and refreshing finish. ABV: 4.5% Standard Drinks : 3.6


Kaiser Alcoholic Lemonade

This fresh alcoholic lemonade is made from real NZ lemons, squeezed to smithereens and made alcoholic. The result is tart, fizzy and the perfect thirst quencher! ABV: 4.5% Standard Drinks: 3.6


Sawmill Brewery Fresh Hop Riwaka Hazy IPA

One of our favourite fresh hop beers every season, this hazy gives huge tropical fruit notes which carry through into a lush, hop saturated palate. Supported by a light base of lager malt, oats, and flaked wheat for haze and a pillowy body. So fresh, so juicy.


Urbanaut Cascade Fresh Hop DIPA tap beer

This beer is a hazed-out tropical cyclone! A smooth and creamy Double IPA with huge aromas of fresh-squeezed grapefruit, peeled oranges, a twist of lemon and juicy lychees from the fresh Cascade hops.


Urbanaut Brewing Hazy Red IPA

Forged in blazing heat and steam this deep Red Hazy IPA is a bombastic marriage of roasted malt and toffee notes buoyed by bouncing floral and tropical aromas of citrus, stone fruit and a splash of melon. Smooth and rich, this beer is Motown drifting through the window on a summer evening. ABV: 5.4% Standard Drinks: 3.9


Canyon Stunt Juice Dry Hopped Pilsner

All the components of a juicy citrus Hazy IPA in the dainty frame of a quaffable NZ Pilsner. Assertive bitterness complimented with a subtle trio of Azzaca, Taiheke and Nelson Sauvin hops. ABV: 4.6% Standard Drinks: 3.6