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FWD Co. & Fortune Favours Juicy Tart Grapefruit IPA

We’ve been busy brewing up ideas for our very own beer and have finally come up with a brew to bring to the masses! We we’re lucky enough to collaborate with Fortune Favours in Wellington to brew a deliciously thirst-quenching Grapefruit IPA called Juicy Tart. With over 200 grapefruits in the brew, this is a zesty IPA with juicy hop flavour and lingering pithy bitterness. Exclusive to FWD Co. customers for takeaway, let us know what you think by rating it on untapped or with the hashtag #juicytartipa 7.2% 5.7 Std Drinks

McLeod's Traders Scotch Ale

The first in a series of Northland-inspired beers, the Traders Scotch Ale includes the native New Zealand fern, horopito. Horopito was used extensively in traditional Maori medicine,its antiseptic properties made it a diverse cure-all for many ailments. Due to its antiseptic properties, the fern had to be batch dried and added after ferment so as to not kill the yeast.This seasonal release pours a rich medium red, with balanced hop character while the horopito adds an earthy, almost smoky aroma and peppery, smooth mouthfeel. So take your medicine, drink up and enjoy this delightful malty monster. 7.2% ABV 5.7 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Garage Project Pernicious Weed IPA

This has to be one of Garage Projects most popular IPA’s, arguably Pernicious Weed cemented Garage Project at the forefront of the New Zealand craft beer scene. When IPA’s were first being developed in the UK in the 1500’s there was uproar about the copious amounts of hops being used. The common folk called them wicked, pernicious weeds, little did they know that these ‘weeds’ form the heart of great flavoursome beers. The artwork for this beer depicts a kind of War of the Worlds scene where giant hop plants are attacking non-IPA drinkers with shots of hop resin. This is an apt interpretation for this beer which is loaded with Nelson Sauvin and Rakau giving a big bold hop punch with tropical stone fruit and zesty characters. 8.0% ABV 6.3 Standard drinks per litre

Epic NZ Pilsner

NZ grown Riwaka hops are so popular and in demand that NZ Hops don’t even export them anymore, as they can’t grow enough to keep up with local demand. This year Epic used their whole years allocation on one batch of beer and you’re about to taste it! Aromas of cut grass and passionfruit come through on the flavour with a zesty citrus zing and a fresh lingering bitterness. 5% 3.9 Std Drinks

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Hallertau Lemon Curd Sour Ale

When life gives you lemons… make an unbelievable sour beer! Hallertau’s latest kettle sour is made with fruit from their neighbours – The Boric family orchard. A gentle lactic kettle sour combined with heritage lemons to create a delicious confection of a beer. Layers of lemon, vanilla, cream and a big zesty finish leaves you wanting more.

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Behemoth From a Can Peach IPA

Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches! Or, drink a lot in this fruity number from Behemoth Brewing. This beer is filled with American hops, and then loaded with Golden Queen peaches, giving us nature's candy in our hand and a super juicy and fruity IPA. 6% 4.7 Std Drinks

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Garage Project Beer

It couldn’t be simpler. Pilsner malt, Saaz hops and Czech yeast. That’s it. Sometimes simple is exactly what you want. Why bother dressing it up? It is what it is. Beer. Using quite a lot of hops, and often considered too hoppy for the style (Czech style pilsner), we think it’s perfect, just what you want when you want something light but don’t want to compromise on flavour! 4.8% 3.8 Std Drinks

Funk Estate Jungle Boogie Blood Orange Sour

It’s about time we had this cult favourite on tap, since it’s one of our highest selling sour beers! Jungle Boogie features blood oranges, lemon and passionfruit in the brew. It's crisp, clean and very refreshing – think summer in a glass with tart aromas of citrus and tropical fruit. If you’re not overly familiar with sour beers then this is a great starting point – don’t be scared! 5.3% 4.2 Std Drinks

Boneface Hoptron APA

Boneface Brewing are brand new to the brewing scene, opening a brewery in Upper Hutt, just around the corner from some of our favourite breweries. The head brewer has spent many years with Renaissance, so he knows a thing or two about good beer. This American Pale Ale is the perfect balance of hops and malt, with rich caramel malts that are dominant on the palate followed by a hit of fruity dank hop flavour, and balanced bitterness. 5.5% 4.3 Std Drinks

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


McLeods A Red Red Rose Brut IPA

McLeod's have jumped on the brut bandwagon but instead of your typical IPA have done a twist on the malt driven style of Red IPAs. Brewed with Amarillo and Citra, the nose depicts soft floral orange, flowing through to notes of cherry and light toffee on the pallet, with a long, dry and balanced finish. Fine Wine Delivery Co. is the official retailer launching this brew! 6.4% 5 Std Drinks

North End Scattered Peaks Session IPA

Sometimes you want something full flavoured that isn’t going to knock your socks off. North End have provided with this English style session IPA that pops with fruity hops and caramel malts. FWD Co. are the exclusive retailers for this brew. 4.5% 3.6 std drinks

Hallertau Marzenbier Oktoberfest Beer

We’re celebrating Oktoberfest with our mates at Hallertau with their new Marzenbier, a lager style that originated in Bavaria and is traditionally served at Oktoberfest. Pouring a golden bronze, it has a wonderfully fresh perfumed hop aroma with a remarkably smooth, biscuit malt palate that is beautifully balanced but leans to the hoppy side for a lager. Pour yourself a pint, don a Bavarian barmaid costume and pretend you’re partying in Europe! 5.8% 4.6 Std

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >