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Urbanaut Gastown Red IPA

Urbanaut is new to Auckland’s brewing scene, setting up in a converted costume shop in Kingsland. With brand new equipment, a brewer from Meantime Brewery and Kiwi know-how, what can go wrong? Not a lot, from the taste of it. Gastown is a Red IPA with a lovely amber hue and toasty malts that are balanced by fragrant bitter hops. A beer for those who love a chewy malt profile with enough zesty bitterness to keep the hop heads happy! 5.8% 4.6 Std Drinks

McLeod's Traders Scotch Ale

The first in a series of Northland-inspired beers, the Traders Scotch Ale includes the native New Zealand fern, horopito. Horopito was used extensively in traditional Maori medicine,its antiseptic properties made it a diverse cure-all for many ailments. Due to its antiseptic properties, the fern had to be batch dried and added after ferment so as to not kill the yeast.This seasonal release pours a rich medium red, with balanced hop character while the horopito adds an earthy, almost smoky aroma and peppery, smooth mouthfeel. So take your medicine, drink up and enjoy this delightful malty monster. 7.2% ABV 5.7 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Hallertau Mr Yakimoto Lager

Kon’nichiwa, my name is Mr Yakimoto, nice to meet you. I love Japanese beer, but it’s so hard to find the real stuff in New Zealand. So, I teamed up with Hallertau Brewery to brew a beer close to those enjoyed by many in the hustling, bustling streets of Tokyo. This super-dry lager is brewed with rice and aromatic hops, giving soft tropical aromas, low bitterness and grainy rice-malt like notes. Quench your thirst this summer, or pair it with sashimi. Bīru wa ikagadesu ka?

BBC & Ninkasi Siris Red IPA

The second in what’s set to be an annual release from the collaboration between USA brewery Ninkasi and North Shore Brewery Birkenhead Brewing Co. This year they’ve produced a Red IPA clocking in at 6.7% with a hoppy, yet balanced 55 IBU’s! So, why name it Siris? Well Siris is the Mesopotamia goddess of beer and also happens to be the daughter of Ninkasi (another goddess, not the brewery). So, there’s your history lesson, but that’s boring, grab a rigger of this whilst stocks last. 6.7% ABV - 5.3 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Fork Brewing The Flower Arranger

Flower Arranger was originally brewed for the Annual West Coast IPA Challenge, but luckily for us it’s available through limited release most of the year. Brewed with Pilsner, Wheat and Ale malts making for a very smooth clean base allowing the highly aromatic hops to shine. So why call it Flower Arranger? Well, just as arranging a beautiful bouquet of flowers is very relaxing, so is sitting back with a cold glass of this aromatic IPA. Best results are not consumed from a vase however.

Laughing Bones Stoned Amber Ale

Whilst some of you may draw a connection between the breweries name and the name of this beer you would in fact be wrong. ‘Stoned Amber’ relates to the stone-fruit used in the infusing of this wonderfully tropical 5% Amber Pale Ale. A perfect warm weather drink indeed! Aromas of Peach, Nectarine and Apricot burst like a fruit salad medley, the palate is balanced by slightly richer malts and good bitterness, whilst still letting the fruit shine. A seasonal release, so be quick! 12.99 5.0% ABV - 3.9 Standard drinks per litre

McLeod's Green Harvest Dank Lager

The boys behind the McLeod’s brewery are the same guys who run the famous Pizza Barn in Waipu, which is handy as there’s nothing better than pizza and beer! The Green Harvest Dank Lager is a seasonal release made in collaboration with Moon Under Water brewery. This beer boasts big gooseberry and lychee characters, the sweet-fruity palate is balanced by a hit of hop balancing to medium bitterness. This is a complex green hopped lager that’s smashable hoppiness in a glass! 5.2% ABV - 4.1 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Liberty Cone Thug Pilsner

If you follow head brewer Joe Wood on social media, you’ll know just how passionately he describes his opinions on his beer… expletives and all. Cone thug is a new Seasonal Release utilising a brand new whole cone trial hop developed by Plant and Food Research NZ. This beer uses German malt, and lager yeast, whilst the new hop showcases soft bitterness and balanced citrus notes. At 5.5% this pilsner is perfect for summer drinking, just make sure you buy it whilst you can, as it’ll surely be gone before you can say “whole cone trial hop”. 5.5% ABV - 4.3 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Good George Black Doris Plum Cider

From the guys at Good George in Hamilton comes one of the most exciting and unique ciders we’ve tried in ages. Tasting this during work hours (as we reluctantly have to do), this cider makes you want to leave the premises immediately and kick off a hearty cider session in the sun. Almost incredibly, it’s like tasting a partially fermented Pinot Gris; pouring a gorgeous magenta in the glass and overflowing with aromas of bright stone fruits and summer plums. The kicker on the palate is the refreshing balance of lip-smacking tartness and fruit sweetness that puts a big smile on your dial. 5% Alcohol 3.9 standards per litre

Panhead Quickchange XPA

You’ve heard of APAs and IPAs – but an XPA? According to Panhead owner and brewer Mike Neilson it means an Xtra Pale Ale, due to the delicate colour that barely seems adequate to handle the pungent aromatic hop oils from the Mosaic, Galaxy and Citra. But handle them it does, with perfumes of pineapple, lychee, mango and guava billowing from the glass, the palate following suit with hints of citrus, honey and cereal leading to a creamy, lightly bitter finish. Weighing in at only 4.6% ABV, it’s a full-flavoured and sessionable Pale Ale in a crisp, easy-drinking style. 4.6% ABV 3.6 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Panhead Super Charger

Panhead, like their Harley Davidson namesake, have gone from zero to 100 in double-quick time. Mike learnt his craft at Tuatara and is now perfecting it under the Panhead label making beers that are not backward in coming forward (to put it mildly). Mike describes the supercharger as “American muscle backed up with real Kiwi horsepower,” referring to the potent combination of American and NZ hops. Weighing in at a pretty reasonable 5.7% alcohol, it’s not your traditional hop-fuelled, loudmouth soup, but has enough bitterness and body to keep you interested until closing time. Which, at your place, is “whenever you damn well please!” 5.7% ABV 4.5 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Birkenhead Brewing Company Kauri Double IPA

Whilst the native New Zealand Kauri tree is famous for its size, dominance and rarity, so too is this beer. The Kauri IPA has a large hop profile soaring over many other IPA’s, the palate is very full yet balanced, something not always easily achieved in IPA’s of this size and strength. Whilst not being a true double IPA, this beer certainly seems like it, brimming with resinous hops, bitter citrus pith and balanced by great tropical fruit characters. Who knew such good beer could come from the Shore? 7.6% ABV 5.9 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >