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Epic NZ Pilsner

NZ grown Riwaka hops are so popular and in demand that NZ Hops don’t even export them anymore, as they can’t grow enough to keep up with local demand. This year Epic used their whole years allocation on one batch of beer and you’re about to taste it! Aromas of cut grass and passionfruit come through on the flavour with a zesty citrus zing and a fresh lingering bitterness. 5% 3.9 Std Drinks

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Duncans Yum Yum Yuzu Lager

Not so long ago, George and his wife had a wonderful time travelling around the Land of the Rising Sun. They drank beautifully executed clean, fresh, dry lagers and aromatic yuzu liqueurs and it was inevitable that inspiration would strike. The yuzu is an ugly, tart Japanese citrus which has a unique flavour somewhere between a grapefruit and a lemon. Yum Yum is a light-bodied, well rounded lager and the citrus addition means it pairs beautifully with food. Or a hot bath. 4.7% 3.7 Std Drinks

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Heyday Wolfgang Vienna Lager

Heyday Beer Co is a colourful craft beer brewery and bar on Wellingtons iconic Cuba St. FWD Co. were the first retailer in Auckland to get their beer on taps, and we’ve been going back to them for more ever since. Wolfgang is a Vienna Lager inspired by German beer traditions, the key to this style is a balance of malt with a clean dry lager finish. It has subtle soft fresh bread flavours the Vienna and Munich malts, and a spicy noble hop character from the Saaz hops.5% 3.9 Std Drinks $11.99

Epic Shotgun XPA

Lighter and more refreshing than the bigger beers from the Epic family. While it still has those wonderful fruity and citrusy hop flavours, it is less of a brutal punch in the throat than their regular IPA's. Once again a beer inspired by the Def Leppard Hysteria album, the song track "Dont Shoot Shotgun" which was released for the Def Leppard concerts in New Zealand in November 2018. Using Low Colour Maris Otter and a blend of the fruity Amarillo and citrusy Citra hops they have created this summer sipper. With a citrus blossom aroma, a zingy light body with a hint of citrus hop finish. 4.8% ABV - 4 Standard Drinks per litre

Liberty Halo Pilsner

Looking for something more flavoursome than your normal green bottle commercial dross? Of course you are, you’re reading a craft beer poster for goodness sake! Liberty have occupied the middle ground nicely, dialling back the big, bitter hops we’ve come to expect to let the biscuity Pilsner malts sing an angelic chorus with fruity Nelson hops. Pouring a brilliant gold reminiscent of evening sunlight streaming through a stained glass window, the aroma is packed with sweet fruits and crisp grassy characters. Mouth-watering tropical fruit on the palate will bring a cherubic smile to your face that will make you come across all saintly to uninformed onlookers. Grab a flagon of this beautiful Holy water before it’s but a beautiful memory! 5.4% ABV 4.3 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Garage Project Special K Kellerbier

Hazy IPAs seem to be all the rage these days, but what about a hazy lager? The weathers warming up and we find ourselves reaching for more refreshing and crisp brews, and this Special K by Garage Project hits the spot. An Unfiltered lager that has been traditionally aged, it is technically a German Kellerbier which means cellar beer. Very drinkable, with a honeyed golden pour, a little hazy but lots more flavour than your typical lager. 5.1% 4 Std Drinks

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Sawmill Juicebox ECIPA

This unfiltered IPA showcases the pungent trio of Citra / Simcoe / Ekuanot hops in two separate dry hop additions. A stripped back malt base consisting only of ale malt with some oats for a soft mouthfeel provides the perfect base for these hops to sing with juicy aromas of passionfruit, mango, and orange. The lightly estery English ale yeast provides complimentary stone fruit esters which pair with the fruit cocktail of hops and finishes medium bodied but with a reasonably assertive bitterness for balance. 7% 5.5 Std Drinks

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Behemoth Tap Tap Taparoo

It's all in the hops, it's all in the hops. That's right just tap it up, just tap it up. A little tap tap taparoo." Our favourite Beer Giraffe sure likes his movie references, and this is one of our favourite's yet. Paying homage to Happy Gilmore, this XPA sure is extra pale, with a crisp and clean malt profile, zesty citrus hops and at 4.9% this is a beer you can tap away at for some time! 4.9% ABV - 3.9 Standard Drinks per litre

Available at: Constellation Drive Superstore >


Behemoth Pretty Pretty Pineappley

This beer sure tastes like pineapple, and it's pretty pretty too,. Inspired by Curb your Enthusiasm, this fruity little number is juicy, with sweet pineapple dominating a tropical hop backbone. Crisp and easy drinking, your go to fruity pale ale this summer.

McLeod's 802 Unfiltered IPA Series #13

McLeod's 802 #13 Unfiltered IPA is finally here! Topaz, Eureka & Mosaic 6.4%