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Laughing Bones Stoned Amber Ale

Whilst some of you may draw a connection between the breweries name and the name of this beer you would in fact be wrong. ‘Stoned Amber’ relates to the stone-fruit used in the infusing of this wonderfully tropical 5% Amber Pale Ale. A perfect warm weather drink indeed! Aromas of Peach, Nectarine and Apricot burst like a fruit salad medley, the palate is balanced by slightly richer malts and good bitterness, whilst still letting the fruit shine. A seasonal release, so be quick! 12.99 5.0% ABV - 3.9 Standard drinks per litre

Boneface Brewing War Machine Rye Pale Ale

Boneface are really making a name for themselves in Wellington and the word is fast spreading north. This is a Rye IPA brewed with a tank load of US hops, making for a slightly rich malt body, with medium bitterness and juicy tropical notes.

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Three Wise Birds Lucky Jack’s Whisky Barrel-Aged Cider

You’ve heard about the ‘luck of the Irish’, well this is an Irish-Whisky Barrel-Aged cider made by Jack, a very limited release just in time for St Paddy’s day and who knows, maybe it’ll give you luck? This is a unique, punchy, dry and very complex apple cider.

McLeod's Hot Curl Hibiscus Sour

McLeods latest limited release offering is Hot Curl - a sour made with hibiscus, lemon verbena and chamomille. Pouring bright purple with spritzy carbonation, honeyed hibiscus notes on the nose with a hint of sweetness on the palate to a tart and thirst quenching finish. Playing homage to the vintage surfboard style used on McLeods tasting stand, and the surfing community in the Waipu region, Hot Curl is the perfect companion to those early afternoon beach trips! 3.1% ABV - 2.4 Standard drinks per litre

Urbanaut Le Marais Champagne Pilsner

If you’ve ever tried to get a Champagne drinker to have a beer, you might just be in luck with this brew. A full bodied pilsner, fermented traditional with lager yeast and finished with Champagne yeast, which produces fine white bubbles and a light and crisp carbonation. This pilsner has aromas of white grapes and citrus, with hints of stone fruit coming through on the taste and a dry, crisp finish. Surprise your mates with this classy beer option this weekend! 5.6% ABV 4.4 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Behemoth 6 Foot 5 IPA

Brewer Andrew Childs isn’t called the beer Giraffe for no reason, he is a very tall man, 6 foot 5 to be precise. People this tall often find themselves playing basketball, cleaning windows or clearing gutters, not Andrew, he makes beer. So this beer is for the naysayers, it’s big and hoppy, full of US and NZ hops and, you guessed it, it’s 6.5 % ABV. Some say this beer is head and shoulders above the rest, a real slam dunk, others say that Steven Adams drinks this after every basketball game, but it doesn’t really matter who you believe. Once you’ve tried this beer you’ll see the tall tales are in fact true. 6.5% ABV 5.1 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


8 Wired Flat White Milk Coffee Sout 5.5%

8 Wired brewed this Stout the traditional way by using milk and stepped it up a notch by adding Cuban and Brazilian coffee courtesy of C4 coffee roasters in Christchurch. Pours medium brown and bursting with that percolated coffee smell you get from diners. Tastes very similar to an iced-coffee, slightly creamy in the back palate, with great length.

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >