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Garage Project Boss Level Ultra IPA

Calling all hop hunters who have been playing the game to taste their way through the best IPA's in NZ. Countless hours of gameplay have been spent in craft beer bars and homes across the country and now the Boss Level has been reached. An Ultra IPA with five different US hop varieties, 100 IBUs and a big malt cushion, this is an atomic bomb of an IPA. Firing huge amounts of hop firepower, get your hands on this beast of an IPA before it’s all gone and game over! Happy playing! 8.7% 6.9 Std Drinks

Sunshine Brewery #nofilter Hazy East Coast

The phrase “#nofilter” is more common with millennials on social media platforms than with bearded, craft beer drinkers. What is common with the latter demographic is the trend towards hazy, unfiltered IPA’s, commonly called East Coast or New England IPA’s. Sunshine Brewery has been brewing for almost 40 years, but it took a long journey to Gisborne by their young buck of a sales manager to convince them their IPA would look better unfiltered. Channel your inner socialite and #nofilter! 6% 4.7 Std Drinks

Boneface Brewing War Machine Rye Pale Ale

Boneface are really making a name for themselves in Wellington and the word is fast spreading north. This is a Rye IPA brewed with a tank load of US hops, making for a slightly rich malt body, with medium bitterness and juicy tropical notes.

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Piha Strawberry Wheat

Most people will be familiar with wheat beer, but strawberry wheat beer?... it sure is novel and somehow works, the summery fruit with its light and smooth 100% wheat malt base, including 100% fresh strawberries used in the mash! The base beer was then lightly hopped with the floral and zesty NZ Wakatu hops. The result is a cloudy blush-pink beer with a medley of fruity aromas balanced by the typical estery wheat beer characters. The perfect session beer with a light to medium body and sub 5% ABV.

Wigram & Rock Knob Brewing Fresh Hop Pilsner

Rocky Knob Brewing and Wigram have joined forces to bring a slice of Pacifica to your doorstep. This golden pilsner was loaded with a tankful of fresh Pacifica hops, with sweet malt flavours backing up the hit of oily, juicy hop flavour and bitterness from the fresh hops. Floral and citrus notes with a hint of freshly cut grass come through from the green hops, with a soft lingering bitterness to finish. You don’t need to jump on a plane to get the best that Pacifica has to offer! 5% ABV - 3.9 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Fortune Favours The Super Naturalist Pale Ale

The Fortune Favours silver bullets (cans) have fast become top sellers at FWD Co and none more so than the Naturalist Unfiltered Pale Ale, so what could be better? A 7% IPA version? Appropriately named the Super Naturalist. This higher-octane version is also unfiltered and loaded with big juicy hop notes and is super smashable… be warned, a couple of these and you may find yourself becoming a naturalist? 7.0% ABV - 5.5 Standard drinks per litre

Epic Beer Blanket

Being the first Stout Epic has produced in four years, you know it’s got to be good. This beer proves that Luke can do dark beer’s just as good as his IPA’s, this toasty brew is the perfect warmer for those upcoming cold winter nights. Brewed with oats for that creamy texture, some rye malt for a hint of spice and a portion of heavy peated malt giving whiskey smoke – this definitely is a warming, satisfying beer blanket of a brew. 6% ABV - 4.7 Standard drinks per litre

Fortune Favours The Barrachina Hazy Ale

Ever get that moment when you can’t decide between a Pina Colada and a pale ale? No? Well if you ever have, Fortune Favours has the answer to your prayers. Take a trip to the Caribbean with this hazy number combining pineapple, coconut and tropical hops. Bringing the tropics to us here down under, it’s hard to resist this combination. So chuck on a hawaiian shirt and a lei, grab yourself a flagon of The Barrachina and relax! 5.5% ABV - 4.3 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Laughing Bones Brewing Co. Up Yer Kilt Scotch Ale

New from the Laughing Bones team just in time for winter is Up Yer Kilt, a Strong Scotch Ale made in the style of a “Wee Heavy” from Scotland. Brewed with seven different grains, this beer is the epitome of a winter warmer providing complex and rich malty flavours which are complimented by caramel, toffee and raisin flavours and a hint of spice. Give this beer a try, lift yer kilt and you’ll be laughing all the way to Scotland! 6.7% ABV - 5.3 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Fortune Favours The Adventurer Pilsner

The Adventurer is a Pilsner that anyone will enjoy regardless of your affinity to extreme sports. Green Bullet hops provide a punchy backbone, without being too bitter and the clean, refreshing malts will see you going back to it time and time again, plus at only 5% why would you want to drink anything else? So fill up a 1.25L PET, strap on your harness and go climb a mountain, or throw on a parachute and jump out a plane… or simply enjoy on your deck with good company. 5.0% ABV - 3.9 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >