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Epic Magic Dust IPA

Epic has brought a bit of magic to our lives with the re-release of their fastest ever selling seasonal beer, Magic Dust. The so-called dust in this brew is actually referred to as LupuliN2, a new product which uses a cryogenic separation process, getting rid of the plant material and maximising the lupulin hop goodness. Leading with a huge hoppy aroma with tropical fruit and citrus, on the palate full hop flavour, a round malt base and medium bitterness with a hoppy aftertaste. 6.9% ABV - 5.4 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Behemoth - I See Red IPA

Behemoth Brewing are leading the market with palate friendly and exciting IPAs, their IPAs tend to be hop forward, highly tropical and very balanced… none more so then this Red IPA. I See Red was first released for the 2018 Smith’s NZ IPA challenge, but now available (for a short time) nationwide. Moderately bitter and very drinkable, but with more roasted malts and a darker (deep red) slightly malty body – just what you want in a Red IPA. 6.3% ABV - 5 Standard Drinks per litre

Garage Project - HAPI DAZE

Consistently one of our highest selling beers, it was about time that we put this juicy number on tap. Hapi, the Māori word for hop, inspires this truly Pacific Pale Ale brewed with Motueka, Wai-iti, Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin hops. Lots of ripe tropical and stonefruit hop flavour make this beautifully hop forward yet with low bitterness, resulting in a dangerously sessionable pale ale. 4.6% ABV - 3.6 Standard Drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Bootleg Brewery - Late Night Monk Fight/ Belgian Chocolate Rum Stout

Bootleg Brewing was started by two friends in 2016 to combat the wave of mass produced beers on offer after years of home brewing. This Belgium Chocolate Rum Stout is a chocolate lovers dream, a complex and well-integrated brew with bittersweet cocoa complimented by funky Belgium fruity esters and a lingering rum flavour to make any self-respecting pirates mouth water! 5.7% ABV - 4.5 Standard Drinks per litre

Hallertau - Orange Justice APA

The latest in a string of very juicy and aromatic pale ales from Hallertau is Orange Juistice, an APA with Simcoe hops and the famous Citra hop dust. This combination of hop pallets and dust provides a hop-forward ale with zesty citrus flavours. To top it off, this beer was brewed with a enzyme that reduces the carbohydrates in the beer meaning there is no excuse not to indulge in this extra tasty brew!

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Birkenhead Brewing Co & Sparks Brewing - Indie Wit

Two very different breweries came together to create a beer that celebrates one’s experience with creating Belgian beer and the other with hops. Birkenhead Brewing Co and Sparks Brewing have collaborated to create Indie Wit – a Belgium Witbier with pronounced citrus and stone fruit hop characters. Spicy and citrus notes on the nose follow through on the palate with hints of orange peel and coriander and a balanced hoppy bitterness. One to drink when you don’t know what to have! 5% ABV - 3.9 Standard Drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


NEW NEW NEW Corporation - NZ Pilsner

New New New is not as new as the name suggests, opening their Dunedin brewery in 2016 after two years of hard slog setting up their brewery in an ironically very old building. The latest release from the team at New New New is their NZ pilsner. Full of flavour yet easy to drink, this pilsner is balanced to perfection and gives the crispness of refreshing lager with the citrus and tropical fruit flavour that NZ hops bring. 5.2% ABV - 4.1 Standard Drinks per litre

Bach Brewing Kingtide

Kingtide is what Kiwis call the highest tides that wreak havoc on our coastlines when the moon is at its closest point to earth. It’s also now what we call an American and NZ Hop fusion IPA from Bach Brewing that’s won a shedload of medals. Weighing in at a fighting 7% alcohol, it’s not one for the designated drivers, but its full bodied malt backbone and sweet, luxurious mouthfeel mean the piper has to be paid somehow. The combination of the Christmas tree, pine resin characters from the American hops and the tropical passionfruit NZ hops provide just the right amount of pants kick to keep the beer in balance through the long, tidal surge of a finish. Try this IPA with deep-fried food, BBQ meats or Mexican for optimal results. 7.0% ABV 5.5 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Liberty Brewing - Prohibition Porter

Winner of Beervana People’s Choice 2017, this brew now has a cult following with dark beer fans. Aged in bourbon barrels, this is a beast of a beer with long-term aging capacity. Spearheaded by pietistic religious denominations, prohibition of liquor and its dispensing saloons led to meek insipid bootlegged ales. To prevent this mediocrity reoccurring, Liberty has placed a constitutional ban on vapid watery suds. If you have a bad case of the ‘drys’ this mobilised wet’ crusader will bring big alcohol and even bigger taste to your palate. 12.6% 9.9 Std Drinks

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >


Renaissance BOOM Double IPA

Renaissance Brewery was one of the original NZ craft beer breweries making a home for themselves in Marlborough. They’ve always had a great core beer range, until all of a sudden, BOOM! They brew a beer like they’ve never brewed before. Brewed annually for the West Coast IPA challenge and coming in a reputable second in People’s Choice category. This Double IPA (8.3% and 89 IBU) over delivers with a huge hop punch, upon first sip, BOOM the big hop flavour hits you. The pungent US hops deliver an orchid-full of citrus, stone fruit and resinous pine notes. BOOM shakalaka, this beer is delicious. 8.3% ABV 6.5 Standard drinks per litre

Available at: Lunn Ave Superstore >