Champagne Billecart-Salmon

Everywhere in the world, Billecart-Salmon is celebrated as special Champagne enjoying a constant and extensive presence on the world's finest wine lists. Almost all of the 23 Michelin Restaurants in Paris serve Billecart-Salmon by the glass. It is rarely discounted, due to tight global allocations with demand outstripping supply. The House has preserved ancestral vinification methods handed down from generation to generation over almost 200-years and constantly perfects them. In the fifties they established the technique of chilling the must combined with the use of stainless steel tanks for a longer fermentation at a lower temperature. Over time, the wines conserve their freshness and the aromas intensify, enabling BILLECART-SALMON to deliver exceptional cuvees that stand out with their remarkable combination of mouth feel, finely creamed palate and pure elegance. Let Billecart-Salmon be your celebratory occasion.

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