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Twenty-three years of finding the perfect Wine, Craft Beer or Premium Spirits for our customers has taught us that many people can find shopping for these products confusing and even intimidating, as there is a lot of technical information to get your head around. And even if you do have a good understanding of the technical stuff, there is the fact that everyone has different tastes! Just because an expert awarded it Best Drink in the world doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best for you if it doesn’t have the key elements you enjoy.

So how do you navigate all these decisions, with enough confidence that you have found the best bang for your buck? You use groundbreaking Expert Assist AI technology that harnesses our 23 years of experience to find your perfect drop, putting the power in your hands - making you the expert®.

Utilising IBM's "Watson" Artificial Intelligence platform and partnering with outstanding AI developers Spacetime 18 months ago, has made Fine Wine Delivery the first Beverage retailer in the world to conquer the style dilemma..

Jump on the “Flavour Wheel” online or on our large instore touch screens and select between 6-12 flavours that appeal to you. In seconds, you will be presented with a precisely matched line up of options which you can further filter by price, region, style, alcohol and more. Even with 43-years of industry experience we can’t deliver at the level our AI technology can in terms of its accuracy, consistency, depth of selection and speed.

Using “Flavour Wheel” empowers you to make great wine choices 100% of the time, whether you are absolutely novice or the most experienced of wine drinkers. It puts everyone on the same level, giving you the unique ability to accurately make your own wine, beer or spirit choices.

If you are looking for a journey of discovery with your drinks, to explore new products and styles – then come instore and have a try!

Explore new Wines, Craft Beers and Premium Spirits with confidence using our new Expert Assist AI technology. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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