How Much Wine Will I Need For My Wedding: A Guide by Fine Wine Delivery

Tying the knot? Congratulations! Planning a wedding is fun, and one of the most important decisions to make as a couple is choosing the beverages that will make your celebration memorable. At Fine Wine Delivery, we offer an extensive selection of fine wines, craft beers, premium spirits, and quality accessories. No matter your style or budget, we're here to pour magic into your big day! Contact us for a free consultation and a personalized quote.

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How Much Alcohol Should I Buy for a Wedding?

Before you start stocking up on alcohol, it's essential to consider your guest list and their drinking habits. Tailoring your selection to your attendees' preferences ensures a well-stocked bar that keeps everyone in high spirits. Additionally, take into account factors like the date and time of your wedding, as they can influence consumption patterns.

For a 100-person wedding reception lasting four to six hours, we recommend purchasing approximately 50 bottles of wine, six bottles of spirits, and 150 bottles of beer. If your celebration extends beyond six hours, adjust quantities accordingly. As a rule of thumb, plan for at least two drinks per person in the first two hours, followed by one drink per hour thereafter. It's always a good idea to buy a little extra, as unopened and unchilled items can be returned.

What Kind of Alcohol Should I Buy for My Wedding?

Diversity is key when it comes to selecting alcoholic beverages for your wedding. Offering a range of options ensures there's something for everyone but be careful not to offer too much. For wine, we often recommend one variety of White, Red, Rose and a bubbly. Consider including beer, wine, various liquors, and other drinks of your choice. Our Wine Experts are available to provide expert advice on your order, and our selections are meticulously tasted and rated. We have everything under one roof - wine, spirits and craft beer.

Bubbly 101: Champagne vs Methode Traditionelle Explained

As you plan your big day, the choice between sparkling wine and champagne is a decision many couples face. While they share similarities in their production process, there are key distinctions that can influence your decision - a big one being cost. So what's the difference? Let's dive in...

1. Where's it from?
Champagne: Think of it as the VIP of sparkling wines! It's only called "Champagne" if it's born and raised in the glamorous Champagne region of France. That name isn't just fancy; it's protected by law!

Méthode Traditionnelle: This is the jet-setting cousin, made the Champagne-way but outside that exclusive French club. While it can't be labeled 'Champagne' due to geographical naming conventions, it certainly matches up in taste and quality without the hefty price tag.

2. How's it made?:
Both Champagne and "Méthode Traditionnelle" are made using the same traditional method. This involves secondary fermentation in the bottle, aging on lees, riddling to collect the sediment, and disgorging to remove it. Aging on lees in the bottle is the hallmark of exceptional bubbly. The longer the aging, the better the results!

3. What's in it?

Champagne: The Champagne region has stringent regulations regarding grape varieties, yield limits, vineyard practices, and minimum aging requirements. For instance, only certain grape varieties like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier are traditionally used.

Méthode Traditionnelle: While the production method remains consistent, the regulations around grape varieties, vineyard practices, and aging can differ based on the wine region or country.

Ultimately, the decision hinges on your personal tastes. If you prefer a drier, fresh wine go for Champagne. For those who find pleasure in sweeter, fruitier wines, opt for sparkling wine. Its versatility and effervescent charm can turn any moment into a celebration. We stock a range of fabulous Champagnes we import fresh directly from France as well as a range of fabulous NZ Methode. Either (or both) will make your special day shine!

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The Perfect Match - Pairing Wine With Your Wedding Menu

Keep the season in mind when making your choices. Winter weddings may call for more red wine and warming spirits, while Summer affairs may favor lighter, refreshing options and bright signature cocktails.

The general rule of thumb is to serve a wine at least as sweet or sweeter than the food being served. Keep food and wine at a similar weight. In terms of matching food weight to wine, we're talking pairing lighter food (typically lower in fat) to lighter style wine, and heavier, richer food to heavier weight wine. For example, Lamb goes well with Shiraz/Syrah, Salmon with more full-bodied Whites, Chicken with dryer style Whites and Beef with heavier Merlot / Bordeaux style blends. Bring a copy of your menu in and our Wine Experts can provide further information.

Balance your wine selection with both white and red options. While white wine tends to be consumed more quickly, having a selection of both ensures a well-rounded bar. Consider the preferences of your guests and the season when deciding on the types and quantities.

If you are serving bubbles between your ceremony and reception, then plan for at least one flute of bubbles per person (you will get about 6 out of a bottle). Some will have none, some will have two, but it will about even out.

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Complimentary Tasting & Consultation

At Fine Wine Delivery, enjoy a complimentary tasting consultation guided by our savvy Wine Connoisseurs! Gather your fiance and parents to swirl and sip until you've found the perfect wedding wines, beers, and spirits. Not in Auckland? No worries! We'll bring the vineyard vibes to you with a personalized online consultation. Cheers to finding the perfect pour for your big day!

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Best Wine Buys Under $15

Offer a mix of light, drinkable options, and supplement with specialty brews that you and your guests love. Whether it's a favorite local IPA or a special import, catering to unique tastes can elevate the experience. Shop Craft Beer.

Cocktail Essentials
Decide whether you'll offer a full bar or focus on a few signature cocktails. Ensure you have enough hard alcohol, mixers, and garnishes to keep the drinks flowing. If you're providing your own alcohol, hiring a professional bartending service is recommended to ensure a seamless cocktail experience.

Our top picks? A zesty Aperol Spritz as the "I dos" settle, then a decadent Espresso Martini post dinner. It's the perfect prelude to tearing up the dance floor!

When Should I Purchase Bulk Alcohol for My Wedding?

Wait until you have a final guest count before purchasing your alcohol, and aim to do so at least three weeks before the wedding day. At Fine Wine Delivery, we offer free temporary storage of beverages in our temperature-controlled, secure cellars to guarantee they're in perfect condition for your celebration.

Can I return alcohol with Fine Wine Delivery?

Ordering a bit more than anticipated is a smart move, as you can always return unopened items. Note that unfortunately, we can’t accept cooled cases of wine.

Will you save money buying in bulk for your wedding?

Purchasing your wedding alcohol in bulk from Fine Wine Delivery not only ensures quality but also offers cost-effective solutions tailored to your preferences. We will work to provide you with the best possible price when you buy in bulk for your wedding or special occasion. You can also wait for sales on our website, such as Black Friday, Christmas deals to scoop up a bargain.

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