Jason's Momoa's Premium Meili Vodka has arrived...

The New Kid shaking up the Vodka Scene

Jason’s Momoa’s Meili Vodka (pronounced may-lee) has just landed in the country and we couldn’t be more excited! Meili Vodka was founded by Game of Thrones alum Jason Momoa and designer Blane Halvorson who teamed up to craft one of the best Vodkas on the planet - from spirit to bottle.

It took them over seven years to create this premium Vodka and it has taken them around the world sourcing the best ingredients (more on this below…).

Be one of the first in the World to get your hands on a bottle at our special release price of $75.99 until the end of July, saving you a massive $14! Meili Vodka is designed to be enjoyed neat and ice cold - the Momoa way!

Win a Handcrafted Ice Bucket..

Designer Luke Jacomb and his team make beautiful blown and cast glass in Auckland and came on board for this project.

We have TWO incredible handcrafted Meili Glass Buckets to giveaway worth $1,500 each. Every bottle of Meili Vodka purchased gets you an entry into the promotion. 1 bottle = 1 entry. The more you buy the more entries you get!

Want to get your hands on this special vodka and go in the draw? Shop Meili Vodka.

Crafting The Ice Buckets..

Luke Jacomb is an exceptionally talented master glass blower with more than 30 years of experience and a distinct style of work. Luke used recycled glass to create bespoke ice buckets in keeping with the imperfect shape of the Meili bottles, and the eco sensibilities of the brand. Formed and shaped by hand, each bucket is entirely unique.

Recycled glass is naturally bubbly, to further enhance this, they employed an Italian technique known as Primavera – hot glass is submerged in a mixture of warm water and baking soda, causing the very outer layer of the glass to cool rapidly and form a network of tiny bubbles over the surface. More glass is then gathered over the top, trapping all the bubbles inside.

Once the bubbles are captured, the glass is blown to size, removed from the blow pipe onto a punty, opened up into the bucket shape, and then refined into Luke's signature deflated style.

To prevent cracking the buckets are slowly cooled in a kiln for around 18 hours, bringing them from 1100 degc to room temperature. The result is simply gorgeous and a masterpiece to chill your Meili Vodka in over ice.

To see more of Luke's amazing glass art, visit his Instagram page.

How Meili Vodka came to be...

Good friends Jason Momoa and Blane Halvorson embarked on the journey to create Meili together, over seven years ago. They have always shared an obsession with the process, the craft - the ethos behind it all. How something is constructed and what makes it unique. Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do.

They wanted to not only tell their story but to bring others along with them; to craft the best vodka on the planet - from spirit to bottle.

So what makes Meili Vodka so special? Read on to find out more…

WATER - Purity Uncompromising

• It’s simple; the best water makes the best Vodka. Meili uses the purest natural spring water on Earth, resulting in an incredibly refreshing, unpolluted, and truly unique flavor.

• A 300 million-year-old aquifer provides the spring water for our spirit - the absolute purest available by EPA standards.

• Meili takes pride in using “living water” to distill and proof their spirits to bottle, unlike other brands that strip all the minerals out through Reverse Osmosis.

GRAINS - The Source of the Spirit Pronounced

• Their high-quality grains are all sourced locally on our own farms, operated by the same family for generations.

• Distilled in Montana with their farm’s native and seasonal grains, Meili brings a smooth, bright and effortless flavor.

• These farms are located centrally to their water source and distillery, resulting in the smallest carbon footprint possible. As a result, Meili is created, sourced, and produced as ethically, environmentally friendly, and humanely as possible.

SPIRIT - Purity & Taste

• They only distill once to preserve the pure water and native grain taste,

  • Designed to be enjoyed neat, Meili exhibits a bright, smooth, and effortless flavor profile, raising the bar for Vodka.

• Meili is simply the purest, most versatile vodka on the market. In a blind taste test, neat or mixed, warm or cold - the differences can be immediately noted and appreciated.

SUSTAINABILITY - Bottle & Packaging

• Their bottle stands out from the crowd with its unique antique texture, organic imperfections, and subtle green hue.

• Using the industries first 100% post-consumer recycled glass, Meili ensures no two bottles are alike.

• Jason is currently the UN Ambassador for everything under the Ocean, along with being a well-known environmental activist. He and Blaine have a passion for sustainability and have spent 7 years designing and building a package that supports this passion.

Styles of Vodka

Vodka is a neutral, colourless, odourless spirit, normally made from grain or other starch or sugar-rich plant matter. There are many different types of Vodka ranging from Plain, Flavoured, Fruit, Grain, Rye plus a growing number of premium Vodkas in recent years made from other materials such as grapes.

Types of Vodka explained...


Flavoured Vodka's are very popular and versatile with a wide range to choose from. Flavoured Vodkas can be produced in the flavour of anything you can imagine...Red Velvet Cake, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Bacon, Glazed Donut, Fresh Cut Grass the list goes on. Would you be brave enough to try some of these..?


Fruit Vodka's rely on the infusion process resulting in a flavourful spirit filled with colors and aromas. The infusion process takes three weeks to soak out the flavour before it is filtered and aged. These Vodka's deliver some amazing fresh flavours we all know and love including Passionfruit, Lychee, Watermelon, Mango the list goes on...!


Grain Vodka's are one of the driest types of Vodka and start from over 96% concentrated alcohol which is usually pure rye distilled to a very high proof. The distillation process ensures only the purest alcohols are collected to make premium Vodka. Majority of Vodka's produced worldwide use one type of grain or a combination of grains as a base ingredient. Some of the world's best brands you will be familiar with are Grain based Vodka's including Grey Goose, 42 Below, Belvedere, Absolut the list goes on!

Meili Vodka is grain based mineral-rich and savoury, with an oat-laced style that’s ultra-smooth and designed to be enjoyed neat or over ice. It exhibits a smooth, pure and and bright flavour profile.

So if you haven't already, pop into our Lunn Ave or Constellation drive locations and sample Meili Vodka for yourself on our tasting bench, or you can purchase Meili Vodka here. Remember every bottle puts you in the draw to Win!

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