Hot off the Press – Early adopters of Artificial Intelligence!

In an Industry first Fine Wine Delivery has embraced the latest in technology, partnering with IBM to create an intelligent, rich shopping experience. You can now explore our extensive range of wine, craft beer and spirits with ease. Tap into our twenty-two years of expertise and become your own personal drinks expert.

Our own in-house independent tasting panel tastes, rates and meticulously categorises every product we sell, however bringing this extensive product information to life in an easy and accurate way online has always been a challenge. Owner Jeff Poole has been searching for a way that customers can receive the same personalised shopping experience online, that they would get if they were instore.

Fine Wine Delivery have teamed up with Auckland-based AI specialist, Spacetime, implementing IBM Watson ‘Discovery' to create a natural language search by ingesting extensive product information, together with Watson ‘Virtual Assist' to provide customised advice online.

The website now understands searches containing brand, product, varietal, country, region, awards, styles and flavours, along with the desired price range. Any combination of these can be used in a natural language search, without any specialist knowledge. For example “A dark, spicy Barossa Shiraz under $25,” “Rich dark chocolatey beers” or “Craft gins made in New Zealand”.

And if you're really not sure where to start at all, the Virtual Assist will take you through a series of qualifying questions, just like those you'd get face to face with a Retail Consultant in store all customised to the type of drink you're after.

Never have consumers been able to access this level of expertise and product knowledge to help them on their journey of discovering the world of wine, craft beer and spirits. All this, from the comfort of your own home, at your leisure, & delivered right to your door.

Fine Wine Delivery Co – Making You the Expert!