Riding for Hospice - Day 7 Support Crew update

This blog update is from Rene and Denise, the support crew of these 3 RidingforHospice warriors. We like to call them warriors, because these 3 pretty mature cyclists are doing this ride the hard way, much harder than most of you will have realised. We will explain why;

This is their 7th consecutive day of cycling! Keep in mind they had never previously ridden 2 days big days in a row. Picture the state of your backside and leg muscles after 7 days. However they are toughing it out and we are managing to keep their body parts working, which is a major achievement. We are also noticing that they're slowly but surely speeding up and hardly having to get off their bikes on steep hills.

To do this at their mature age is pretty amazing. We are astounded by their stubbornness to do this ride and not fail. Every morning there's no hesitations to get back on the bike. Considering today they had to get on while raining steadily, had to do a fair amount of climbing, we bow in respect. Even more after we got bad lunch service at Cowboys Paradise and it changed from rain to downpour, they happily enough put some extra gear on and headed off again. And did it rain or what, combined with head winds, it really was atrocious conditions but they never winched, just dug in deeper for Marlene, their reason for supporting hospice in NZ

So from the support team, get behind them, on send this blog link to friends and family and make sure they beat their fundraising target, because they deserve it for this mammoth effort!

Thanks for reading, Rene and Denise