Smart Search – making you the expert!

In an industry first, Fine Wine Delivery Co. has embraced the latest in technology, partnering with IBM to create an intelligent, rich shopping experience. You can now explore our expansive range of wine, craft beer and spirits with ease. Tap into our expert knowledge and become your own personal wine, beer and spirits expert.

We taste, rate and guarantee every wine we sell. Passing through our expert tasting panel, we write our own independent tasting reviews to guide you in your buying decisions. These notes give you insights that Jeff, Richard, Tracey or one of our expert team would give you in person. Not only that, we are the only retailer who meticulously categorises our products to give you genuine recommendations of similar wines, beers or spirits.

We have an extensive range of 2000 wines, craft beers and spirits to explore, but until now, it was difficult to bring that to life. We wanted to unlock all our expertise and knowledge in a way that makes you the expert.

You can now search for products using ‘natural language' – basically how you would ask us if you popped in to one of our stores and were chatting to our expert team or the family. Using IBM's Watson artificial intelligence, the Fine Wine Delivery Co. website now understands searches containing brand, product, varietal, country, region, awards, styles and flavours, along with your desired price range. Any combination of these can be used in a natural language search. For example Dark, spicy Barossa Shiraz under $25

You won't notice any big changes in the design of the site (yet). What you will notice is a deeper, richer shopping experience where you can quickly, easily and highly accurately find exactly what you are looking for. The new Smart Search feature is just the first phase in our plan to bring you the most rewarding online shopping experience anywhere in the world.

Happy searching!