What makes Fine Wine Delivery different?

We are completely and utterly devoted to good taste, whether it's wine, food, craft beer, whisky, rum... We firmly believe that eating and drinking well is an essential part of a life well lived and also that it's possible on almost any budget. You just have to know where to look. Fine Wine Delivery Co's first office space was the spare bedroom of Jeff and Virginia Poole's Torbay home back in 1997. Following our family dream and passion for great wine, Jeff and the family have built Fine Wine Delivery Co into NZ's largest dual-site wine retailer, across two Super Stores at 42 Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington and 60 Constellation Dr. North Shore. There's also a thriving ecommerce business, that delivers all these delights directly to your door!

Our business has always been based on passion, knowledge and absolute dedication to selling great wine at the best prices possible. If we wouldn't drink it ourselves, we won't serve it to our customers - it's as simple as that. What started as being all about wine has now expanded to include craft beer and premium spirits too - we even have 10 boutique beers fresh on tap & are the first Retailer in Australasia to ship these nationwide using Crowlers®

The New Zealand palate is becoming more sophisticated and we're proud to be at the front line of the war on bad taste. It's a battle we fight every day on your behalf and we never leave a man behind! On the wine side, our expert tasting panel tastes around 5,000 wines a year from all around the world, rejecting more than half of them for quality or value reasons. The best of the best we sell here at finewinedelivery.co.nz, in our Auckland Super Store or via the website. We keep a record of the kinds of things you like and then send you an email when a deal you might be interested in comes up. If you like it, you order it... no fuss, no spam, no pressure. It's a very civilised way for us to deliver our best every day.

The other aspect of our business is private wine cellar storage. Once you get seriously into wine (as you will if you hang around us long enough) you'll want to start collecting wine. Modern houses aren't usually the best places to store wine so we built a complex of 101 private cellars for rent - the cellars are kept at a constant 13 degrees with 75% humidity and start with 400-bottle capacity and go right through to 2200+. Our state-of-the-art cellar facility uses 4 levels of security including sophisticated fingerprint scanning so your investment is safe. Cellar holders have 24/7 access to their wine as well as access to a private cellar lounge for entertaining guests, complete with WiFi, big-screen TV, Spiegelau glassware and decanters. It's an oenophile's dream and the only one of its kind in NZ.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us at www.finewinedelivery.co.nz and experience our passion for wine, fresh craft beer and fine spirits!

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