Plantation Ltd Edition, Single Barrel Release, 27 Year Old Panama Rum, Ex-Teelings

Ltd Edition premium Rum Fit For The Gods

Usually a spectacular, antique 27 year old, single barrel Rum of this breathtaking quality would be about a $1,000.00, you can possess this one for only $249.99

This sumptuous, antique rum simply blew our minds, it is that good, and it will proudly wear our company name on its unique, collectable label. It is simply the best, 27-year-old, single barrel rum that we have ever been privileged to taste, so after sampling a bottle earlier this year, we rushed to buy it. It is exclusively available only at FWD and worth noting that an old, artisanal rum this magnificent, usually costs over $1,000.00. You can possess a bottle of this rare, perfectly aged, rum nectar for only $249.99.

Plantation Ltd Edition, Single Barrel Release, 27 Year Old Panama Rum, Ex-Teelin

This is simply the best, 27-year-old, single barrel, artisanal sipping rum that we have ever been privileged to taste.

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Further Information

Brand Maison Ferrand
Region Cognac
Varietal Rum
Size 700ml
Alcohol % 51.1%
Country France


There are only 144 precious bottles of this delicious rum nectar available, so be very quick to grab a bottle while you can, before the rum collectors get them all! Alexandre Gabriel has won the prestigious 'Golden Barrel' award for the best Master rum blender in the world and many other trophies and Gold medals. He has masterfully aged this beautiful rum in ex -Bourbon, American oak Barrels for 25 years, ex-cognac, French oak barrels for 1.5 years and then he finished it in ex-Teeling's Irish whisky barrels for 6 months. There is a myriad, complex aromas of polished leather, figs, dates and tobacco and flavours of darkest Belgian chocolate, organic tropical fruits, finest molasses, exotic spice box and Madagascan vanilla pods. A must buy, not just for boutique rum aficionados but all lovers of the very best artisanal spirits, this is delicious, antique sipping rum fit for the gods! Grab as many bottles as your budget allows, these special rums do not appear very often and are not to be missed when they do!

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