Champagne Gardet Brut Tradition

Gardet Brut Tradition has been served in many globally iconic establishments and airlines… including the Elysée Palace, Paris Residence of the French President.

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Further Information

Brand Champagne Gardet
Region Champagne
Varietal Chard Pinot Noir Pinot Meunier
Size 750ml
Alcohol % 12.0%
Country France


A family Champagne House since inception in 1895. Gardet has been served at Elysée Palace (Paris residence of the French President), on premium economy Virgin Atlantic, in the Business Class Cabins of Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and at the Lords Cricket Ground. One thing all these organisations share is outstanding “BRAND” quality and values… which is why they chose Champagne Gardet Brut Tradition. Aged on lees for 3-years (longer than many Grand Marque Big Budget Brands), as a result it has exceptional body and richness and is crafted in beautifully fresh, dry style. Oh! It’s worth mentioning we treat Champagne with the respect it deserves, we always ship and store under temperature control ensuring its supremely fresh… all the time.


Seductive aromas of wild red berry and white stone fruits with white chocolate, brioche, plus a hint of honey.


Fresh red berry and stone fruits are laced with nutty, honeyed, caramel and brioche Champagne lees aging complexities. Its generous palate is captured in fine bubbles, the finish is invigorating and beautifully dry… Champagne you could drink all night long.

We taste, rate & guarantee every wine we sell.

Meet Our Tasting Panel

62 Customer Reviews

We all sipped and slurped this Gardet last Xmas and New Year, we had a little blind tasting and no surprise to me this champagne out scored all the other champagnes including Moet, Tatinger, Mumbai etc. Just perfect for the occasions.

10th November 2023 | Christine James

Consistently refreshing and easy drinking champagne, fantastically priced and great value for money!

8th November 2023 | Carolyn Bassett

We've had this champagne every Christmas for at least the past 5 years with no regrets. Yum!

8th November 2023 | Nicholas Coldrick

Delicious! Very very fine bubbles, crisp acidity, citrus and nectarine flavours with a touch of sweetness.

7th November 2023 | Shona Murray

Sensational value for this gorgeous, refreshing Champagne. An absolute winner for the summer we have all been waiting so long for! Gardet will be joining me for many a sunny afternoon with friends.

6th November 2023 | Michele Harrod

Excellent value and great taste. Always a treat getting fresh stock available in time for Christmas.

6th November 2023 | Gordon Rewcastle

Lovely crisp Champagne at a great price. Our go to Christmas Champagne.

6th November 2023 | Frances

Very enjoyable delightful bubbles,

6th November 2023 | JOHN TAKEREI

So gorgeous, enjoyed by all of us, and a great price. Merci.

5th November 2023 | Robert Allan

A delightful, well priced, dry champagne. Great mousse and an exceptionally fine bead. Try it with Fish'n'Chips or any seafood.

5th November 2023 | Allan Hansen

The Gardet range is truly delicious - you won't be disappointed.

5th November 2023 | Alaine Ingle

Keep coming back to this one, a cut above the bigger name NV Champagnes. Nice and dry (but not too dry). Always appreciated around xmas.

5th November 2023 | Martin

all Gardet Wines superb value for money, taste, style

5th November 2023 | Diane M Pritt

We have enjoyed Gardet Champagne with it's taste and style so we will look forwarding to ordering some more. Thank you.

5th November 2023 | Warren Desmond Thrupp

I have repeatedly ordered this Champagne over some years now because it is always fresh,light to taste with a slight flavour of citrus.Truly enjoyableT

5th November 2023 | John Bowbyes

My wife & I personally visited Champagne Gardet & can vouch for the integrity of product. Their genuine approach of going above & beyond the "standard" Champagne method gave us a lasting impression of a producer who wants to be innovative & therefore the best they can be in their production of Champagne. If you think Moet is the only example of Champagne, think again...maybe on your own visit to France you should think a little side excursion to 13 Rue Georges Legros, Chigny-les-Roses near Reims is a good way to discover decent champers.

4th November 2023 | Robert Bringans

This is delicious champagne!

4th November 2023 | Margo

Excellent price excellent flavour. I’ve purchased it a few times

4th November 2023 | Kent Beasley

I’ve tasted the different Gardet champagnes (thanks FWD team) and this is my most favourite Gardet champagne! Why? It ticks all my taste boxes Buttery yeast with subtle fruitiness coming thru.

4th November 2023 | Murray Birdsall

We purchased this wine for Christmas when it was first available from FWD. We found it excellent value at the price

4th November 2023 | Tom Wills

Gardet Brut is a very soft fruity feel to the taste .Clear and light for multi glasses .Where other brands are excellent ,they are often ,in my view over powering after a few glasses ,Gardet serves up enjoyment a lot longer. I purchased a case with a mgnum for a special event . Well enjoyed by all the bubbles ,drinkers

4th November 2023 | Dennis Farmiloe

A smooth, fresh, remarkable champagne offered at a price that in today's fiscal climate is very, very hard to beat.

4th November 2023 | Graham Sampson

Lovely smooth taste,,, Low sugar levels keeps my Doctor happy.|

4th November 2023 | larry davies

Very enjoyable reasonably priced champagne. Lovely fresh feeling with creamy mouthfeel. Has become my go to bubbly, will be buying again.

4th November 2023 | Colin Strang

A great value for money champagne with a refined taste and dry finish. Well sourced FWD co.

4th November 2023 | Mike Nesbit

The best champagne ! Perfect taste...dry, crisp & affordable bubbly. Very more- ish

4th November 2023 | Linda Fielers

A very pleasant easy wine to drink suitable for any occasion or to drink “just because” Love it !

4th November 2023 | Karen Mackey

One of our favourite champagne's & it's well priced!

4th November 2023 | Desiree

This is such a bargain beauty To be drinking French champagne at this price point is a luxury I would highly recommend to anyone just spoil yourself and get a few for Xmas you deserve it

4th November 2023 | Barrie Harris

This was excellent value and has the lovely toasty palate of good French champagne. Thoroughly recommended.

4th November 2023 | Kelly Eckhold

This certainly is as good as many other more "fashionable " champagnes. I have also had the Rose which was a great drink for lunch time or an early evening pre dinner drink.

4th November 2023 | Paul S

Crisp and more-ish

3rd November 2023 | Alan Merry

We loved this champagne which has to be the best value I’ve ever purchased! Will definitely be back for more!

3rd November 2023 | Matt Abbott

Beats most $100 champagnes. Well balanced and gets better after a couple of years

3rd November 2023 | Terrance

Quality champagne at an exceptionally good price point. Perfect for Christmas festivities and celebrating New Year in style.

3rd November 2023 | Kerrie

Very good bubbles. Up there with the best.

3rd November 2023 | Simon Meikle

Very impressive champagne for the money. We shared the Gardet with my sister who usually drinks Bollinger and she blown away by the quality.

3rd November 2023 | David Hughes

This is the the best value for a delightfully dry and delicious champagne. I have bought this for the last 2 years at Christmas... and am now so hooked I grab it during the year for 'special' occasions... basically when I feel like a treat! You won't be disappointed ?

3rd November 2023 | Kate Potter

I love this champagne, well worth a celebration.

3rd November 2023 | David Blyth

reliably good value for money, one of my go to favs champagnes, you will be never be disappointed. I would highly recommend!

3rd November 2023 | Mel Morris

If you like a drier style Champagne - you'll love this.

3rd November 2023 | Murray Tait

I bought a dozen or so last year and was fantastic, that’s why I bought an other dozen for Christmas this year. Throughly recommend for champagne lovers. Cheers ??

3rd November 2023 | Herbert Faesnkloet

A delicious champagne which everyone enjoys. It’s our go to Xmas & NY tipple and it never fails to impress.

3rd November 2023 | Elaine Tutty

Nicely balanced and easy to drink.

3rd November 2023 | Ross Daubney

Open the bottle after the years it has been sealed, and the first thing that strikes you is the scent of the lees that the wine has sat with for so long: toast, and a hint of the fruit. A first taste reveals the brut nature of the wine, plus the green fruits, and the toasty flavour carries through too, this time with some nuttiness that adds depth. A lovely array of bubbles that tingle the tongue and the soft effervescence on the ear, together with the fresh, straw/green colour make this wine appeal to and satisfy all the senses.

3rd November 2023 | Steve Reeves

Quality champagne without the "expensive label" price

3rd November 2023 | Colin Marshall

Great value for money. A nice dry refreshing drink, that compares very well with more expensive champagnes

3rd November 2023 | Margaret Drew

This is an excellent crowd pleaser, everyone would love it. Fresh on the palate, it has a lovely rounded toasted finish. Just drank a bottle aged for an extra year and it was spectacular, that lovely brioche flavour. Delicious!

3rd November 2023 | Fiona van der Nagel

A very aromatic and well rounded champagne, as good as a lot of champagnes I have had, well recommended

3rd November 2023 | Bevan McNabb

Fantastic drinking. Excellent value champagne

3rd November 2023 | Spencer

This is our ‘Go to’ champagne for those special occasions, not too fruity or too dry, it has level of complexity that makes it great for pairing with those entertainment platters! A great price point too, you won’t be disappointed!

3rd November 2023 | siobhain hoskins

Mighty Fine!

3rd November 2023 | Richard Swaney

A great champagne for $$$… loved the magnum deal!

3rd November 2023 | Tom Pritchard

Excellent Champagne with great highlights to your taste buds as you slip it down with fine bubbles to add to the magic of a great Champagne, excellent value as well

3rd November 2023 | PM Cooper

This is an excellent value Champagne. It’s not too sweet, good bubbles and a long aftertaste. We’ve drunk it before and will be drinking it again - both with friends and by ourselves. If it’s good enough for the Élysée Palace than it’s certainly good enough for us.

3rd November 2023 | Tony van Raat

No champagne under $120 comes close in quality, taste or balance of fruit and dryness…or verve !

3rd November 2023 | Mark Easson

Our favourite champagne to open on any occasion. We always have a bottle or 2 in the cellar, and it regularly is shared with friends and family. The quality is better than the common champagnes out there for almost double the price. First class for value for money

3rd November 2023 | Troy Clarry

Nice fresh on a hot day

3rd November 2023 | Lynda Dean

Refreshingly crisp with a clean finish. Surprisingly good and a bargain too.

3rd November 2023 | Jay Sankaran

Great champagne at good price

23rd March 2023 | Carol Gardiner


9th October 2022 | Naomi Ellett

Fabulous every day champagne, can't go back to sparkling wine at this price!

7th December 2016 |
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