Reserve Savvy by Wither Hills $99.00 doz

Shepherd's Ridge Reserve Sauvignon is made by Wither Hills for restaurants... due to Covid's impact we’re CLEARAING it at a Staggering $99.00 for 12 bottle case


Shepherd’s Ridge Reserve Sauvignon Blanc is crafted by Wither Hills from established estate vines for sale in restaurants & bars as a premium Sauvignon. The Pandemic has decimated hospitality sales causing the CLEARANCE of this delicious 2017 Reserve quality Sauvignon Blanc at a sensational $99.00 per 12-bottle case ($8.25 bottle... WOW). Now in the absolute peak of its enjoyment... it’s exclusive to Fine Wine Delivery customers.

The Wine...

Perfumed aromas of fresh elderflowers, passionfruit, gooseberry, lemon zest, and a hint of salt. The palate is dry, clean, fresh and textured with a liveliness threading the passionfruit, subtle gooseberry and lemon zest flavours. All still primary, balanced by a creamy texture and a rounded lithe acidity perpetuating the lovely dry finish. No signs of advanced development in this little honey... it has become more rounded with time but the dominant passionfruit underlined with gooseberry and citrus are still fresh and flavoursome. Perfect this summer and next – totally enjoyable just to sit and drink... also delicious with fresh seafood.

The winery is losing money big time at this below cost clearance price - to further minimise handling costs we have restricted purchases to 12-bottle cases (no less than 12-bottle buys) – you can buy as many cases you like at $99.00ea... it will drink superbly through 2021/22. Grab your requirements and send to your family & friends... as many wine drinkers as possible should have a chance to share in this extraordinary and unrepeatable opportunity to drink Reserve quality Sauvignon Blanc at the equivalent price of $8.25 bottle! ENJOY, JEFF

2017 Shepherd's Ridge Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 12pack

At a STAGGERING $99 for a case of 12... made by Wither Hills... this Shepherds Ridge Sauvignon Blanc superb drinking and almost certain to be the “White Wine Deal of 2021 in NZ”

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Further Information

Brand Wither Hills
Region Marlborough
Varietal Sauvignon Blanc
Size 750ml
Alcohol % 12.5%
Vintage 2017
Country New Zealand


Made by Wither Hills... Shepherds Ridge is crafted for supply to restaurants and bars. Its very well made from fruit off Wither Hills proven and long-established Marlborough Vineyards. The winemaking and level of fruit concentration is spot on... as evidenced in this delicious rising 4-year old Sauvignon Blanc. No signs of advanced development in this little honey... it has become more rounded with time but the dominant passionfruit underlined with gooseberry and citrus are still fresh and flavoursome. This is a dry Sauvignon Blanc in the peak of its drinking and it’s a shame for the winery... but a huge windfall for white wine drinkers... that due to the serious impact on restaurant & bar sales driven by 12-months of Pandemic... Fine Wine Delivery (FWD) are CLEARING this delicious white wine at a STAGGERING $99.00 per case of 12. There’s a lot of money being lost by Wither Hills on this clearance and to further minimise costs... FWD are restricting purchases to 12-bottle case orders (no single bottle or less than case purchases please) - you can order as many cases as you wish... it will drink nicely through 2021. Still very youthful with gorgeous, perfumed notes of elderflowers... it is a wonderful, dry, fresh, aromatic white wine. Perfect for Savvy and non-Savvy drinkers alike. A staggering quaffing and entertaining dry white CLEARANCE WINDFALL... almost certain to be the “White Wine DEAL” of 2021. Simply unmissable at $99/case.

Perfumed aromas of fresh elderflowers, passionfruit, gooseberry, lemon zest, and a hint of salt.

The palate is dry, clean, fresh and textured with a liveliness threading the passionfruit, subtle gooseberry and lemon zest flavours. All still primary, balanced by a creamy texture and a rounded lithe acidity perpetuating the lovely dry finish. Perfect drinking this summer and next on its own or with fresh seafood.

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Meet Our Tasting Panel

87 Customer Reviews

Certainly one of the best Savvy I've tried this year. It is great value for money and a delight for those who usually only have the opportunity to drink moderately priced wine.

11th May 2021 | Ross Nichols

This is a first class wine , and you didn’t have to pay the earth for it either ! Highly recommend it

11th May 2021 | Pat

Best sav I’ve drunk my friend and I have happy hour once a week and we’re so enjoying this

11th May 2021 | Kay George

really good value and certainly passable for a regular meal.

11th May 2021 | Ken Perrott

Normally, I’m a Sarah or Shiraz drinker, but during summer months enjoy drinking Rose, and the occasional Sav. Blanc. Usually I’d purchase 6 bottles, but as this deal was for a doz, I purchased a Doz, and I’m very glad I did, as I found this wine to be superb considering it’s age. If it had been early summer when this deal was offered, I would have immediately purchased a further doz after enjoying the first bottle. This is the “deal of the year”.

11th May 2021 | David M Glen

Very refreshing and great value wine.

11th May 2021 | Tony Yates

A very quaffable sav for a very good price. Would recommend to purchase

11th May 2021 | Abby

Truly good value for money

11th May 2021 | Alan Devcich

Good value.

11th May 2021 | Mark Mathews

Great drinking Sauvignon, at a brilliant price point.

11th May 2021 | Chris

Fabulous very drinkable wine and such good value. Thanks.

11th May 2021 | Christine Biltcliff

Really enjoying this quality wine. It sure deserves a five glass review.

11th May 2021 | Noel Stroud

I purchased the wine for my wife who loves Sav Blancs. She says this is one of the nicest Savy's she has tasted, hence the reason for purchasing more. While I am a Red wine drinker I have had the odd taste of this Sav Blanc and was impressed with taste. A lovely wine at an incredible price. Will be buying more so long as stocks last.

11th May 2021 | Graeme


11th May 2021 | stephen langston

Fantastic value , great everyday sav

11th May 2021 | Eddy

Very well priced for a quality wine.

11th May 2021 | Melanie Brown

Fantastic wine, brilliant price great flavors love the bouquet would highly recommended

11th May 2021 | John Maber

Great value and (way too) easy drinking !

11th May 2021 | Tony patton

At the price, both the wife and i were pleasantly surprized. Never before found better value, thanks.

11th May 2021 | bruce mcintyre

Very fruity great tasting dinner wine.

11th May 2021 | Raymond Donovan

Top drinking wine for a great price. A full flavor Sauvignon.

11th May 2021 | W H Jones

Excellent easy drinking wine from a top winery at an exceptional price.

11th May 2021 | Michael Mynott

Excellent wine for the price. Good example of a mid-range Malborough sav.

11th May 2021 | Chris Liggins

Crisp clean taste very drinkable

11th May 2021 | Steve Hamer

FWD specials are usually incredible value but this is an Incredible wine at an Incredible price. The wine is great on the nose and the palate and super friendly on the credit card.

11th May 2021 | Neil Quill

This wine has a nice fresh taste. Definitely a better drinking experience than other $10 wines.

11th May 2021 | Bernard Fitzgibbon

This is a wondrous wine of complex depth to amaze those accustomed to youthful versions

11th May 2021 | Mark Bright

Stunning Sauvignon Blanc at an outstanding price.

11th May 2021 | David Hoogenboom

full and rich match with shellfish and vegetarian dishes, great value.

11th May 2021 | David Dai

A great buy , was pleasantly surprised ! Have just ordered another dozen !!

11th May 2021 | Robert Heaphy

Excellent balance of fruitiness and acidity. I agree it's a steal for what you get.

11th May 2021 | Thomas Hirsch

A most enjoyable wine!

11th May 2021 | Carol Jones

An excellent and verypalatable Sav.

11th May 2021 | Peter Butchart

A crisp bright Sauvignon Blanc that immediately excites the palate, a step above in quality over many Marlborough wines

11th May 2021 | Paul Asquith

it was very nice. bang for your buck - it was sensational. probably cheaper than the stuff in the box - so get into it........

11th May 2021 | David O'Neill

The Shepherd's Ridge SB is stunning. I don't generally drink SB, but this is in a league of its own.

11th May 2021 | Wal Britton

A lovely drop

11th May 2021 | Janne Rowe

Very surprised when tasted,such a smooth wine to drink,for its age beautiful.

11th May 2021 | Rodger Symonds

An exceptional wine at an exceptional price!

11th May 2021 | Simon

Great value for a cheeky wine.

11th May 2021 | Jenny Bickerton

VERY easy drinking. Excellent value for the money.

11th May 2021 | Clive

Great price , great wine I purchased two box’s.

11th May 2021 | Christine Loveday

has lost the grassy zing, but very pleasant dry ish quaffer. Now on to my 2nd case

11th May 2021 | Graham Guy

a fabulous refreshing drop , that doesn't hurt the pocket either!

11th May 2021 | Julie Ashby

Love this wine, goes so well with breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Top of my picks. Many thanks.

11th May 2021 | Chris Cunninghame

Surprisingly full flavoured, with crispness and a good finish. Exceptional value.

11th May 2021 | Andy and Diane Snook

I found this wine to be crisp with great flavours. amazing win

11th May 2021 | Greg A Parsons

What a surprise, was not expecting to get that level of pleasure. So agreeable!

11th May 2021 | Chris Tyas

Excellent value. A very integrated wine showing subtle but real sauvignon blanc characters

11th May 2021 | Martin Marshall

Every bit as good, if not better than other Savs we have tried over past 3 years. Nice !

11th May 2021 | Greg Andrews

One should never judge a wine by the label but this sauvignon from sunny Marlborough is a stunner. Have just ordered my second case , I enjoy the grape and flowery flovours so much.

11th May 2021 | Helen Ewington

Very easy to drink for an everyday wine. Great value.

11th May 2021 | John

Price to quality ratio is fantastic. Enjoying this wine.

11th May 2021 | Greig Duncan

Very delicious wine and to me the epitome of what a Sauvignon should taste like - light and crisp! Ended up buying 3 cases!

11th May 2021 | Courtney Donald

Fresh and crisp. Best value I've bought

11th May 2021 | Peter Howe

A lovely crisp wine. .yum

11th May 2021 | Astrid Hagerty

"Age Does Not Matter"! It may be 2017 vintage which is "ancient" for some Sauvignon fans but I have really enjoyed this wine and not just because it is so cheap! Great to sip away with nibbles before dinner.

11th May 2021 | Dave

subtle fruit aroma, with zest, outstanding price again from FW Delivery

11th May 2021 | Brian Lever

A bargain with taste

11th May 2021 | greg watkins

I Purchased a case of this wine and I was so impressed with the flavour and finish of this wine! I have since ordered another 2 cases

11th May 2021 | Matthew Warden

Very nice SB, surprisingly youthful so don’t be put off by the 2017 age. Great palate weight and very moreish. Well worth the price.

11th May 2021 | Jim

I don’t normally drink Sauvignon, but at this price and a reserve, I thought why not. And it’s delicious

11th May 2021 | Greg Tarry

Loved the wine. Friends came to dinner and each bought a case.

11th May 2021 | David Skinner

Excellent Sauvignon Blanc.

11th May 2021 | mark woodyard

Fantastic value for money! Easy drinking wine, lovely fruit flavour, for my palate benefited from not being too chilled. Went back for a second case! Thank you for this great deal FWD.

11th May 2021 | Jo Knight

Very drinkable and had trouble getting the bottle off my wife who hates whites

11th May 2021 | Peter

Excellent Sav at an amazing price. Certainly lives up to expectations (especially given it is yet another Wither Hills success story.

11th May 2021 | Philip Beilby

This would have to be the best value for money that I have bought. Excellent wine and a great price

11th May 2021 | William Roberts

great buy at this price - highly recommended

11th May 2021 | Jonathan

Excellent wine best ever value

11th May 2021 | Alan Gadsdon

Great buy delivering flavours I like. Don’t tell everyone, cos I want more!

11th May 2021 | Lynnie

What a great deal and another superb NZ Marlborough Sauvignon. I purchased more for gifts, and was not disappointed.

11th May 2021 | ROGER HARRIS

A very pleasant summer wine, best well chilled. Fantastic value.

11th May 2021 | Brian Frost

Beautiful wine at an amazing price

11th May 2021 | Melanie Kalma

A very tasty drop. A steal at this price.

11th May 2021 | John Brownlee

Amazing taste specially for the price. Much better than the standard acidic savs you get at this price.

11th May 2021 | Basir Noutash

An excellent every day wine

11th May 2021 | LOLA BROWNLEE

Awesome easy drinking crisp flavours

11th May 2021 | Shona Fitzpatrick

Fantastic value for money!

11th May 2021 | Rob McCorkindale

Value for money this has got to be up there We are stealing from from the producers

11th May 2021 | Bill Dodds

Pleasantly surprised...a lovely drop, and I’m so pleased I ordered this. Thank you!

11th May 2021 | Jan wilson

Value for money a very good wine. A great savvy for people who don’t like savvy’s

11th May 2021 | Greg Gibb

Lovely Sav, love the flavours, creamy texture, easy drinking and super price!

11th May 2021 | Lee

Value for money, this is a great wine. Going back for more

11th May 2021 | Phil Hall

Very nice, love the lemony hint.

11th May 2021 | Robbie Duncan

Simply sensational!!

11th May 2021 | Dean Finlay

Great value for this wine, real bargain, you will not be disappointed.

14th April 2021 | Chris