Applewood Distillery Gin

An innocuous visit from Brendan and Laura Carter to Fine Wine Delivery Co. last year turned out to be one of the most memorable tastings of the year. They didn't look like much as they walked through our doors – two, twenty-something Aussie winemakers with an unnatural obsession with Italian varieties, and a strange array of craft spirits and liqueurs. Once we began to taste though, all that changed. The wines were superb (see the Unico Zelo Dolcetto on our Medium Reds page) and if anything, the spirits were even better. What was most impressive was what a clear vision these two young people – who turned out to be husband and wife – had for their company. From overhauling the Australian wine industry away from Shiraz and onto more drought-tolerant Italian wine grapes, to their quite brilliant marketing and branding of their products, they have a massive dream… and seemingly boundless amounts of energy to help achieve it. A couple of old heads on young shoulders, they are true artisans who are inspirational to be around. And even more so when you taste their wares…

Applewood Gin is crafted to convey the beautiful smell of the Adelaide Hills in spring time, with a fragrant and floral nose filled with citrus notes and the influence of their vast botanical blend. Juniper, coriander, angelica root, ginger root, Lemon Myrtle, bergamot, lavender, vanilla, cardamom, macadamia, lemon and orange peel all make an appearance, the gin bottled at 43% ABV. A quite incredible craft gin from Applewood, if you care about where your food and drink comes from, this gin will be a revelation to you.

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