Drink Tap Beer, it's better for the environment !

It's hard to avoid packaging these days it's everywhere, but drinking Tap Beer can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tap Beer offers a number of incentives. It is the freshest beer experience, and closest to the Brewer's intended expression as you will find. It can also offer limited edition or small batch brews, that simply aren't viable as a large scale production run. And of course, it comes with less packaging than canned or bottled beer does.

Here at Fine Wine Delivery, it's a constant goal to reduce our packaging, and most certainly to use the least impacting alternatives for our environment. Having never used plastic bags for any of our stores, we've always opted for the good old brown paper bag and to recycle the boxes that our products are supplied to us in. Tap beer offers us some additional ways to be gentler on the environment too.

1. The Crowler®

We jumped on this band wagon earlier in the year and over half of our in-store sales of tap beer now leave packaged in one of these patented beauties. It is essentially an in house canning machine that locks in freshness and keeps out all the bad stuff that can spoil beer like oxygen and light. In addition to that, it is made of aluminium which is infinitely recyclable, and it is a larger vessel ( 946mls to be precise ) cutting down on the number of packages required for the volume. And you can reseal these and pop them back in the fridge for another night, not having to consume the full contents in one sitting. Because of the perfect seal on these, this is our only option for shipping Tap Beers around the country. We choose not to ship these in PET as the moment they are poured oxidation will start permeating the plastic. Crowlers® guarantee to keep your beer fresh and carbonated for up to two weeks. Now you can enjoy these limited edition tap beers at their intended best wherever you are in New Zealand.

Insert image of Crowler and price $2.99

2. The Stainless Steel Flagon

Flagons are wonderful reusable vessels, and in particular stainless steel options protect against the light, stay fresh for days if they have a good seal, and they keep your beer cool. Perfect as a gift for that fellow beer lover in your life, or for taking to a bbq, out fishing or on a picnic. Stainless is also easy to keep clean! While the seals on these are fabulous we don't recommend using these to ship beer in, just in case it gets thrown around with the courier.

Insert image of 1L Flagon $29.99 and 2L Flagon at $44.99

3. Glass Flagons

Our most cost effective reusable option. We opt to use a dark coloured glass to avoid light strike and we offer two types of closure. There is our most affordable option which is 750ml with a capped crown seal – just like a packaged commercial beer bottle only bigger. The seal on these is very good and will keep for a few days before opening. We will recap these at no extra charge when you bring them back in.

And then there's the larger 1 litre option with a swing top lid. These are very popular due to the easy to open swing top but due to the seal type you should be prepared to drink these within two days of purchase. Both these glass flagons are for in store purchases only as the shipping can pop the lids or leak when bumped.

Insert image of 750ml Flagon with crown seal $2.00 and 1L with Swing top $9.99

We have recently stopped selling any PET vessels, for a number of reasons. There has been a lot of info come to light about how much PET is actually recycled and therefore clogging up our landfills, and many medical reasons as to why you should avoid using them. We've listened to a lot of feedback on this from you our customers, and we hope that this range will have a vessel to suit all your tap beer drinking occasions….with the freshest craft beer in town!