Fresh Tap Beer Delivered Nationwide #crowleralert

Fresh Tap Beer Delivered Nationwide

Last week we launched our state of the art Crowler® system to Customers, Media & our Supply Partners. This trademarked single use can system from the States will allow us to ship Fresh Tap Beer nationwide from Kaitaia to the Bluff & has numerous benefits for quality & freshness of the beer, a much longer shelf life & many recycling advantages to boot!

Fine Wine Delivery Co has a long and rich tradition of innovation, and it's wonderful to be leading the Industry with this first in Liquor Retailing after all our 22 years in business. In fact our Crowlers® have brand new technology with their resealable lids meaning we're the first in Australasia to bring these to market.

We first discovered Crowlers® at a couple of Brewery Bars Garage Project & Fortune Favours. They worked great for them and we were instantly inspired. Their only downfall was that 946mls was a lot of beer to drink in one sitting & their cans just had the standard single use pull tab. So when we contacted Crowler® and they told us about their new patented technology with the resealable lid, we were all ears.

It's the same recyclable single use can, with the same food grade can seal for ultimate freshness of up to two weeks. But it has a resealable lid that means you can enjoy the beer over a few nights by simply screwing the top back on and popping it in the fridge.

It works by way of an oxygen scavenger, which sits inside the top of the resealable lid and acts as a filter absorbing any oxygen you introduce when you pour beer from the can to your glass & sealing it back up again.

As well as being innovative, the Crowlers® appealed to us for numerous other reasons too. Shipping beer in both PET or glass has its obvious challenges as neither have a perfect seal, creating opportunity for oxygen to get in or light strike & breakages using glass. Because of these disadvantages to the quality & service, we have never shipped beer via our website business – you had to come into store to purchase tap beers. Now with this technology we can finally take Fresh Tap Beer to the masses outside of the big metros, where many consumers miss out on not only the experience of fresh beer straight off a tap, but also the exclusive & limited edition options that are only available from Brewers in keg. And understandably the Brewers themselves are hugely excited about this too, as this is the freshest experience of what they create direct to the consumer….finally!

And the other big benefit of Crowlers® is their low environmental impact. Fine Wine Delivery Co has never used plastic bags in store & using PET bottles as flagons never sat well with our core ethics. High volumes of plastic in NZ is never recycled. And the nature of PET means that it could only ever be reused once or twice at best. It also carries a raft of medical concerns & we are finding more and more of our customers simply do not want to use it. Aluminium on the other hand is infinitely recyclable once you remove the labels. So we designed our cans with a handy perforation down the side. You simply tear that off & put it in your household rubbish, putting the clean can in your recycling. These cans are single use. You cannot refill them due to being unable to remove a can lid once sealed, but the other benefits are a huge step up for both quality, deliverability & recyclability.

Check out our YouTube clip from the launch event this week & see why we're so excited about these