Is this the Highest Consumer Rated Rose Wine in NZ?

Made Too Much Rosé

1,000 cases sold pre-Christmas... we asked customers what they thought of it... over 100 responded in 48-hours – I've never seen such compelling customer endorsement for any other wine! (read customer quotes below)

“The ultimate favour you can do for fellow wine lovers… send this offer to them after you've ordered yours.” Jeff

With the 2nd and final 1,000 case shipment being released today we emailed all previous buyers and asked them what they thought of MTM Rosé in 15 words or less. Over 100 responses in 48-hours... 100% emphatic in their endorsement! There is nothing more compelling than customer feedback, so I have included a random selection of responses below...

Murray East
"MTM Rose 2018
Makes me WTM 2019
For me, just the best
Better than the rest
Can't wait for the next release
For me, a Rose I never wish to cease"

Denis Callesen
"Fantastic label & wine of great colour, taste & finesse"

Jeff Wagg
"This Rose represents excellent value, bought it for the office and everyone really enjoyed it, we have a pretty fussy bunch and both the men and women thought it was drinking extremely well. We will buy more on the next release!"

Ed & Hazel
"This was great Rose and we have drunk it. Definitely would like to get more of the same."

Christine Rupp
"Great fresh tasting. Purchased another rose afterwards more expensive but not as nice. Very moreish!!!"

Liane O'Toole Liane
"I particular love the affordable price tag for this Rose and the taste doesn't suffer as a result which is always a bonus! I find I am hard pressed to find an enjoyable Rose which I don't have to think twice about buying these days.. I love the design on the bottle, it's fresh and fun as is the name of the wine itself! I find it pairs perfectly with a hot summer's day and a tasty platter. Gorgeous flavours, it's a great go – to Rose option!"

Diane Mcfarlane
"Absolutely love MTM Rose wine. Will be in to purchase more when it's released."

Willie Berkers
"We love this sensational Rose' so much I will be ordering more for our daughters wedding in March."

Stephen Hackett
"MTM is a great value Rose to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon"

Steve Halliday
"Friends from the Cote d'Azur, big rose drinkers, said it was the best they'd had."

Lori Ferris
"In LOVE this wine - such great value and it tastes amazing"

Jo Baker
"MTM Rose 2018 is indeed delightful. Very refreshing, perfect on a hot day"

"Holiday wine was just the best this year.The star was your MADE TOO MUCH ROSE loved it. THANK YOU ALL"

Peter Brown
"Left two cases at the beach bach for the family to enjoy over xmas break. None left ...says it all really"

Dean Wensor
"Very nicely balanced, this Rose' is perfect for those who prefer a lighter Rose style"

Penny Gardiner
"I'm sure I drank you out of Made too Much Rose last year, and my friends and I might well do so this year! Just love it!"

Grant Dunningham
"Feel like I own the label my wife likes it ..... So Much.... Has been a lovely summer quench. Bring on Tuesday for another mother load"

John Anwell
"Great wine, excellent value and quality. A lovely summer drink with meals and snacks"

Nerolie Palleson
"MTM Rose is great value! I initially ordered 6 bottles and enjoyed it so much I ordered a case!"

"My preferred wine is rose, ‘made to much' is very easy to drink. Thank you"

Vanessa Coats
"My best discovery this summer! Crisp, fresh and dry. Perfect quaffing in this warm weather"

Bryan King
"My wife loves the great colour, flavours, acidity. Drinking it at lunch and dinner also."

Lynette Clothier and Peter Foster
"We are hooked on this delicious Rose, one regret, we did not buy enough. Luv it!"

Elizabeth Christie
"We enjoy MTM Rose for its smooth and pleasant taste and like it partially chilled"

Terry Byrne
"Made Too Much Rose........superb!"

Paul Averes
"Never been a Rose fan but MTM has converted me. I have seen the Rose."

Bebe and Peter Cornwell
"A extremely nice wine at a surprising reasonable price,love it"

Lew Graham
"Great wine, only problem almost to easy to drink."

"Well, what a simply divine surprise this wine was!! I love Rose and this is an absolute stunner!! Even if you think you've tried enough or don't have any room left in your cellar – make some space – I promise you it will be worth it!!"

Rob Crawford
"Very pleasantly pleased with this wine. Very enjoyable on summer afternoon"

Araminta Morison
"Soooooo lucky they made too much of this wine. It is the perfect summer beverage!"

"It was a good buy and super summer sippibg wine. I'll be in to get some more for us next week."

Brian Lynch
"Yes I enjoyed the MTM Rose it was good value - Thanks"

Sally And Vernon
"Delicious. Warm fruity body but fresh as a Rosé should be. An unmissable bargain"

Maurice and Judy
"Hi , My wife and I enjoy a glass or two of the delightful Rose',evening time."

Kara-lee Coombes
"This wine never disappoints me. I purchased it last year when it was available too. Very crisp rose' with great body to the taste. So good I'll be stocking up!"

Megan McBain
"A fresh, crisp drop refreshing to the palette."

Gavin Baker
"I always thought Rose was lolly water. This one has changed my opinion completely"

Mike and Louise Haley
"An eminently drinkable good value Rose' perfect for summer barbecues"

Anthony Cluley
"I'm always on the lookout for a great bargain and this MTM Rose is right at the top of the list"

Doug Ferguson
"A very pleasant Rose nice and dry with a pronounced berry flavour. Perfect summer tiple"

Robyn Richards
"A premium Rose enjoyed either alone or with food. Absolute bargain at this price!"

Kate Potter
"light, easy drinking with a wee hint of sweetness on the finish."

Trevor Taylor
"The 6 bottles didn't last long when the family came home for Christmas. Great for that mid-day drink"

Pippa Styles
"You couldn't make enough of this - it's sooooo good!"

Gavin McDonald
"Great quality/ price and comparable to more expensive light and dry roses from Languedoc/Gard"

Michelle Pallett
"I found the MTM Rose is the perfect summer drink. For taste and price it was unmatchable, I would definitely recommend it to any avid Rose drinker."

Michael Middlemiss
"A fantastically balanced Rose that is a perfect accompaniment for the summer BBQ."

Tanya Ross
"I would buy it again. Delicious, flavorsome. Nice artwork on label."

Donna Watts
"Refreshing, very easy on the palate, a wonderful summer wine to have in the fridge"

Alan Taylor
"Spectacular tasting on the palate, beautiful with a platter, on your own or entertaining"

Natalie Cosgrove
"Superb summer wine! Perfect for all occasions! It won't let you down!"

John Cooney
"A simply delicious Rose offering brilliant value for money—a not too be missed treat."

Hand on heart... this 2018 MTM Rosé is going to deliver you many enjoyable, salivating and wonderful moments over the next couple of summers, at a price that is completely foreign to its obvious quality.

$11.99/bottle ($143.88/dozen) - we've spruced up the label to be commensurate with the wines quality so you can proudly put it on the table in front of any wine guests. Most importantly...just indulge in many enjoyable MTM Rosé moments yourself.

Enjoy! Jeff