New North Shore Wine SuperStore opening June!

We want you to hear it from us…

Fine Wine Delivery Co. is opening a new North Shore SuperStore in June!

1,800 Wines, 250 craft beers and an extensive range of hand selected spirits - there's nothing else like it on the North Shore!

Hi from Jeff,

It's with enormous excitement that I can announce that Fine Wine Delivery Co is returning to its roots on Auckland's sunny North Shore!

Our shift into a new SuperStore retail format in Mt Wellington has proved to be immensely successful and FWD Co. is bursting at the seams as ever-increasing numbers of customers enjoy the friendly expert service, excellent everyday prices, and enormous range of 1,800 wines, 250 craft beers and hand selected spirits all pre-tasted on your behalf to establish quality and value.

I first began FWD Co. from our spare bedroom in Torbay, 1 August 1997; so many of our most loyal and founding customers live on the North Shore. Now in our 18th year, it's wonderful to return to our roots and establish the most awesome SuperStore incarnation close to your door.

Relocating from Cook Street to Lunn Ave, Mt. Wellington, 18-months ago and pioneering the SuperStore shopping experience has been a powerful fillip for the family business. We were very conscious of moving south of the city and further away from our North Shore customers. However opening a 2nd SuperStore on the Shore was always next step in our plans; and due to the success of Lunn Ave we can make that happen ahead of schedule.

The Home Zone at Constellation Drive is centrally located with plenty of parking and good access as those of you who shop at Bunnings and surrounding stores will know. If you've been to Lunn Ave you can expect to enjoy an identical shopping experience in Constellation Drive.

Of course there's always 40-wines open for tasting any day at FWD Co. so plenty of opportunity for you to experiment plus we'll be open 7-days a week. We will also have the room/facilities to program regular tastings with food matches, hosted by leading winemakers from NZ and around the world.

I'll be keeping you up to date through the blog with our team appointments and countdown to opening the doors for the first time, which is scheduled for early June. There'll be many spectacular introductory offers, rare releases and special events to celebrate the June opening so stay tuned!

Cheers, Jeff

Jeff Poole, FWD Co. Proprietor