Pickering's Pink Grapefruit & Lemongrass Gin Liqueur

Summer is here, it's hot & you need something really refreshing! Have you tried Pickering's Pink Grapefruit & Lemongrass Gin Liqueur yet?

Inspired by the pleasure of a G & T with a slice of pink grapefruit, Pickering's have enGINeered their own decadent & refreshing gin liqueur.

“The soft, sun-kissed citrus of the pink grapefruit complements our gin's spicier botanicals, while lemongrass adds fragrant warmth. Finally, we added a tantalising hint of extra cardamom to give our gin liqueur a uniquely sumptuous finish.”

Perfect with tonic, or prosecco to make a cloudy gin fizz…or even on it's own on the rocks.

And of course this will drink well with all manner of foods especially things hot n spicy or sticky like pork belly & bbq glazed ribs……it's got Summer written all over it!

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