Spanish Wine Tour 2015 - Day 1, Thursday May 28th

Thursday May 28

Our group of 16 (includes Virginia and me of course) arrived sporadically in Barcelona over a 5-day lead up period and set about vigorously exploring the vast array of historic places and the incredible restaurants and tapas bars (circa 7,000 of them, take your choice). The city of Barcelona is beautiful, the climate stunning and the people just as sunny in their attitude. I'd recommend it as a great place to visit, it's one of Europe's great treasures and Virginia and I felt safer here than any European city we have been to.

The tour got off the an amazing beginning last night with a group get together at CinCentis Restaurant in the centre of Barcelona. On recommendation we had our opening tour dinner there in 2007 and it was a highlight of the many fabulous meals we enjoyed throughout those 23-days. It was great to return and see the family were still running it and that it had since been awarded a Michelin Star.

The meal was outstanding, array of plates for the eight courses were gorgeous and the wines selected by sommelier Eric proved superb matches for the food.

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