Spanish Wine Tour - Day 11, Sunday 7 June

Sunday June 7

We departed Burgos for Valladolid for the next two nights, which was just under two hours drive. Our only obligation was a lunch on arrival at Restaurante La Parrilla de San Lorenzo, followed by a free afternoon/evening. Immediately on entering the restaurant you walk past an old fashioned bar to an area where there is a wood fired earth oven. To the right you can see into the oblong shaped kitchen, which is circa 20-metres long and the first thought is… they must seat a lot of people in here but where? We soon found out as we were ushered to the right of the kitchen past one sizable private room and through another before turning right and staring down a underground brick lined tunnel that probably seated close to 200 people. It was clearly a building of the ages and reeked of history. The wait staff were incredibly efficient and it was not long before our lunch was in full swing and I had selected two delicious wines to accompany our 6-courses. One which I selected myself was a Verdejo (white wine pronounced Verdecco) from Lurton's Ribera Del Duero property, which I knew had to be good. The other a red recommended by the sommelier… he made a fine recommendation indeed! The food began to hit the table fairly quickly and what followed was a succession of beautifully tasty dishes as follows…

  • Zucchini and shrimp mousse with anchovies mayonnaise
  • Marinated Salmon with olives and apples in a dill twist
  • Capon (a male chicken), deer roe, wild duck and pheasant Salad with aromatic pickles
  • Young Lamb roasted in traditional wood oven with fresh salad
  • "Monja's" Cake made of syrup sponge cake and truffle covers with cinnamon cream and embroiled in hot chocolate
  • Mineral water, coffee and fruit liqueurs

Check out the pictures we took of the dishes, in particular the one of my leg of lamb (they are famous for their lamb). The food was sensational, the wines superb and the buzz among the group palatable. After our lunch the sommelier took a snap of Virginia and me in front of the earth oven where our glorious lamb dish had been cooked.

Our drivers then dropped us off at our hotel and after checking in we all headed in different directions to explore Valladolid. Virginia and I traipsed the streets in the 30+ degree heat for 3-hours before dropping into a quaint local tapas bar for a small selection of superb tapas and a couple of glasses f quality Ribera Del Duero red… the La Quenta (the bill), just 26 euros, no wonder they dine out so often in Spain.

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