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Harking back to 17th Century British Naval times, it was discovered that the consumption of citrus fruit helped to prevent scurvy – a ship's most common ailment at the time.

Sadly supplies of fresh citrus were rarely available, and it wasn't until the creation of Roses Lime Cordial in the 18th century that ships were able to carry a constant supply.

Surgeon Admiral Sir Thomas Gimlette said to add this to their daily quota of gin to help fight off scurvy. He believed the lime flavour would also ‘help the medicine go down better' and hence why the drink was named after him. While the classic toast of ‘to your good health' dates back far earlier than this, it's certainly a fitting one!

Light, zingy and clean – this recipe is far more balanced than the original combination & extremely easy to make. Cheers!


- 40ml Pickerings Navy Strength Gin
- 20ml lime juice
- 10ml sugar syrup ( equal parts of water and sugar, blended for 30 secs )

Stir over ice, strain into chilled martini glass & garnish with lime peel.

Pickering's Gin is based on an original Bombay recipe, handwritten on a fragment of paper dated 17 July 1947. Kept as a family secret for over 66 years, now fine-tuned and tweaked to produce three delicious styles of gin.

In 2014 Pickerings became official gin sponsor of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. To mark the occasion, they released a Naval Strength edition, also affectionately known as the bearskin gin. Each bottle of gin comes with a bearskin hat and a commemorative necktag.

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