The stunning, anticipated 2013 Schubert Block B Pinot Noir 2013

This latest release has yet to be reviewed, but they are clearly a step up from prior releases, which have won International Gold Medals and rave reviews from the likes of Wine Spectator and Robert Parker. Many respected commentators have made favourable comparisons to the top Grand Cru Burgundies (including Musigny), not just for Schubert's quality but for their elegant and complex style.

Kai Schubert and his partner Marion Deimling are devout students of Burgundy and settled in Martinborough in 1998 after a global search that included Oregon, Europe and Australia for a spot to grow world class Pinot Noir. Though they were both graduates of Geisenheim University of Viticulture and Oenology in Germany, few would have thought that just 15 years later, they would be among the world's top Pinot Noir producers.

These delicious 2013 releases show the warmth and ease of a classic vintage. It was a superior year in Martinborough, with good fruit set and flowering followed by warm, drought-like conditions. Many of the resulting wines have more 'flesh on their bones' than usual and winemakers have talked about it as one of the finest, if not the finest, vintage in the region's history.

The balance and concentration of these Schubert wines in particular is stunning, with a veneer of early approachability due to their sheer plushness. Yet you would be doing yourself a disservice if you consumed them before 2017 - these are wines with many layers yet to unfurl and will provide great drinking through and beyond 2020.