2022 Incognito Awatere Valley Pinot Gris

Destined for a UK Fine Wine Merchant this cancelled export of iconic Single Vineyard NZ Pinot Gris CLEARING under our legendary Incognito label at a staggering $15.99.

Elsewhere $29.99
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Further Information

Brand Incognito
Region Marlborough
Varietal Pinot Gris
Size 750ml
Alcohol % 14.0%
Vintage 2022
Country New Zealand


This iconic single vineyard Pinot Gris is arguably NZ’s most awarded. It is the first time there has ever been surplus stocks, due solely to an export cancellation. Normally circa $29.99, it has rarely been discounted over 15-years and if so, only in a minor way. However, in a very slow market this cancelled export parcel is surplus to domestic requirements. The winery elected to use our legendary, highly regarded “Incognito” label to disguise its iconic origins – critical to the hard-earned reputation/value of this brand given the spectacular CLEARANCE price. Mature, densely planted vines cropped very low, hand tended from the ground to the glass. It’s very concentrated with pure fruit, a rich textural palate and luscious, close to dry finish. An excellent vintage… it will drink beautifully now through 2026.


Rich, ripe and layered, with aromas of fresh pear, nectarines, white flowers, musk and spice.


Luscious, yet fine and close to dry with pear, nectarine and baking spices balanced by succulent acidity energising the long spicy finish. Delicious now by itself, or pair with summer cuisine, it has the concentration to deliver immense pleasure through to 2026.

We taste, rate & guarantee every wine we sell.

Meet Our Tasting Panel

62 Customer Reviews

This wine was a pleasant surprise. I bought 6 and then went back for another 6. Delicious

31st January 2024 | Robyn O'Reilly

"Definitely full of fruit", said wife, taking her first taste on a hot afternoon. "Voluptuous", I said. "Don't be rude", she replied. "It's not me" I protested - they put it on the label notes: "Voluptuous, bursting with pear, honeysuckle, peach and guava." We both agreed that sounds about right, although not sure we could detect guava. The fruitiness settles quickly and pleasingly on the palate. Like several Incognitos we've tried before (different varieties) it clearly offers quality beyond the price point. Enjoy!

22nd January 2024 | Gary H

Great value, hits all the notes of a great Pinot gris. good depth of flavour and mouthfeel, unctuous and lingering finish, , hard to match at this price. Purchased another case.

22nd January 2024 | Don Greenslade

Lovely drop at a very good price. Very enjoyable on a hot summer day.

22nd January 2024 | GC

An outstanding wine for this price. Very drinkable, and have gone back and bought again. Highly recommended

22nd January 2024 | Tara Robinson

Crisp and refreshing

22nd January 2024 | Andrew

Lovely Pinot Gris. You can really trust the quality of these incognito wines.

22nd January 2024 | Kylie Fagan

Medium body with classic varietal flavours. Luxurious mouthfeel and will appeal if you like Californian Chardonnay. Enjoy with white meets and Asian cuisine

22nd January 2024 | Paul Ferris

Refreshing, flavoursome, and easy to drink. Well balanced. I am enjoying it in the hot weather as a refreshing change from my ‘usual’ pinot noir.

22nd January 2024 | Toni Anns

A really well balanced pinot gris, a number of non-regular pinot gris drinkers were pleasantly surprised

22nd January 2024 | David Ross

This is the good stuff

22nd January 2024 | Peter

Delicious bottle. A step up on what you normally get at this price.

22nd January 2024 | Nic Brooke

Beautiful aroma + tastes fantastic ?

21st January 2024 | Debbie Dempsey

It's quite hard to buy a good Pinot Gris without tasting it first, as it is offered in so many ways. However, this one stands out, really drinkable, nice taste of fruit, a subtle edge of sweetness that isn't distracting, and lingering aftertaste. Really recommended. And a great drink in the current warm weather.

21st January 2024 | Kerry Chamberlain

Value for money, one of the best Pinot Gris I have had in a long time. At my age its enjoy now, cellaring is out?

21st January 2024 | Mike Wilkins

Lovely texture and mouth feel while retaining good acidity and clean finish

21st January 2024 | Mark Blackburne

Delicious and enjoyed immensely. Neither too dry or over fruit in taste ?

21st January 2024 | Cushla Money

Very nice wine, love it.

21st January 2024 | Miyuki Rea

luscious drop

21st January 2024 | Peter Ulmer

A very nice pinot gris that goes equally well with a goats cheese apero and a fish main course. Very good value for money.

20th January 2024 | Chris

Incognito is quite light on the nose but very nicely tangy and sharp on the palate. It also has a pleasant sweetness making it an ideal wine to enjoy while relaxing in the shade of a tree before a meal.

20th January 2024 | Sue Hudson

Nice drop, presents exactly as the description suggests. Personally prefer my PG to be more on the mineral/flinty side however this was delicious in its own right.

20th January 2024 | Rob

Excellent value for money, full, of flavour with hint of dryness which I enjoy.

20th January 2024 | Terry O'Brien

A beautiful wine that seems to go with everything. Perfect summer drinking, delicious from the first mouthful with a beautiful finish. We've ordered 3 lots so far. Fabulous price for such a high quality wine. Cheers.

20th January 2024 | Chris

Crisp and refreshing, great value.

20th January 2024 | Tom Donaldson

Lovely peach and pear aromas on the nose. On the palate, pineapple, peach, apricot, nectarine predominate. Good acid is balanced with an unctuous fruit salad flavour giving way, finally, to a drier, mineral finish. This is a serious and weighty wine: not a quaffer. Enjoy with a salad meal and roasted, sticky, chicken drumsticks

20th January 2024 | John Wright

I have always been a little circumspect over purchasing incognito or mystery wines but I have to acknowledge that the latest 2022 Incognito Pinot Gris has smashed my perception of such offerings. It's a great wine at a very reasonable price.

20th January 2024 | Graham Sampson

This luscious wine has a light fruity taste and light spicy after taste, with just the right amount of acidity. Very easy to consume on its own or with a meal. I just wish I had purchased more as at this price its a real bargain.

20th January 2024 | Karen Laurance

Just loved this wine, Great quality for this price. Would definitely buy more

20th January 2024 | Mukesh Bhika

Delicious summer drop with lots of well rounded citrus notes. Fabulous with fish and spicy foods

20th January 2024 | Kay

Great value wine. Crisp with fresh tropical fruits and good balance. Don’t over chill.

20th January 2024 | Alan Hayward

Excellent Pinot Gris. Outstanding value at this price!

20th January 2024 | Merryn Herrick

Crisp and fruity

20th January 2024 | Tanya Hurley

This is an absolutely delicious Pinot Gris that I have served to even the most fussy and critical Pinot Gris—drinking friends. They have all commented and raved about it

20th January 2024 | Jenny

A very pleasant Pinot Gris. Long lasting taste appeal with excellent character. I will buy this again. Murray.

20th January 2024 | Murray Gee

This wine offers exceptional value. Rich flavours, texture, stylish; every sip says this is a superior wine.

20th January 2024 | Manfred Ingerfeld

We consume a fair amount of Pinot Gris - wide range of wineries - wide range of price. This is an excellent drop at a crazy price. Impressed? You bet.

20th January 2024 | Philip Hereford

Great vale pinot gris

20th January 2024 | Darcy

a lovely little drop

20th January 2024 | Ian Sinclair

Elegant fruity taste with crisp finish

20th January 2024 | Juan M Hamber

Very easy to drink, leaving a lingering taste.Top notch.

20th January 2024 | John Brownlee

Refreshing and dry. A perfect wine with or without a meal

20th January 2024 | David Sinton

This wine was a great value for money with richly textured flavours of pear etc leaves lingering fimish to the palate

20th January 2024 | Heather McLaren

Excellent value Piot Gris, perfect drinking for this summer weather. Another winner from FWDC.

20th January 2024 | Ken Shields

We are really enjoying this exceptional wine, we used to like sauvignon blanc but this is far more sophisticated and smoother to drink/sip

20th January 2024 | Christopher Fidoe

Delicious full flavoured Pinot Gris a nice surprise.

20th January 2024 | Lindy Gomez

Supurb wine, excellent value for money.

20th January 2024 | Paul Gribble

Absolutely delicious Pinot Gris. Perfect summer tipple.

20th January 2024 | mark Loveday

Excellent value for money. Have already repurchased.

20th January 2024 | Dee Bolton

Found this to be a very enjoyable wine. Very refreshing on a summers evening

20th January 2024 | Viv Clarke

A refreshing & tasty wine with vibrancy beyond its price

20th January 2024 | Rob

Apart from the wine itself, which is fresh and luscious and very, VERY moreish, the best thing about the 2022 Incognito Awatere Valley Pinot Gris - and Fine Wine Delivery Company - is being able to trust both the wine and the tasting notes Jeff and the tasting panel provide with each and every bottle. You can buy your wine with confidence knowing you are getting exactly what they promise. Incognito 2022 Awatere Valley Pinot Gris is delicious and at only $15.99 a bottle, so is the price!

20th January 2024 | Alastair Stuart

Good sweetness and fruit. Great wine at the price

20th January 2024 | Jonathan Clark

It tastes like a $30-$40 Pinot Gris so is very good value

20th January 2024 | Jeremy Rosser

A quality pinot gris at a very reasonable price. Dry but not too dry. Young and fresh. This is a step above an "everyday" wine.

20th January 2024 | Richard Bloxham

Love it!

20th January 2024 | Lance Tipping

Easy drinking, nice bouquet.

20th January 2024 | peter Shardlow

A lovely pinot gris, highly recommend

20th January 2024 | Helen

An easy pleaser for the table.

20th January 2024 | Mike

Fantastic Pino Gris at a fantastic price

20th January 2024 | Mr Lindsay Gregory

A smooth summer wine

20th January 2024 | William Diedrichs

What an amazing buy! This was such a great purchase. I bought a couple of bottle and promptly bought another 6 bottles after I tried the first one. Bursting with flavour and aromas you’d be mad to miss out on this!

20th January 2024 | Martin
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