2017 Fine Wine Delivery Central Otago Pinot Gris

Zesty Central Otago Pinot Gris selling in disguise! A serious bargain for only $12.90/bottle!

Elsewhere $27.00
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Further Information

Region Central Otago
Varietal Pinot Gris
Size 750ml
Alcohol % 13.0%
Vintage 2017
Country New Zealand


Fine Wine Delivery are delighted to offer this richly fruited Central Otago Pinot Gris crafted by one of NZ most well-known wineries. We can't tell you it's name, but you would normally pay more than double the price for this juicy and zesty wine. It will drink beautifully for another 3 - 4 years and has the weight and acidity to pair well with spiced Asian inspired foods, or even enjoy by itself given its classic touch of sweetness and mineral freshness balancing out its rich, pure palate.


Charming aromas of yellow peach, nectarine and pear with a hint of spice.


Great concentration and intensity, jam-packed with stonefruit, apples, pears and hints of baking spice. Deliciously textural with a touch of residual sweetness and zesty acidity.

We taste, rate & guarantee every wine we sell.

Meet Our Tasting Panel

80 Customer Reviews

Just superb for the price, this was a pleasant surprise

21st September 2020 | Ro Wright

Excellent wine at a fabulous price.

21st September 2020 | Alistair McGinn

Had a nice oily quality to it from higher quality fruit at this price level

21st September 2020 | Jonno

Exactly as they said! One case just not enough now all the family know about it.

21st September 2020 | Brent

When you order one of these undisclosed winery wines from Fine Wine Delivery you wait in anticipation for the delivery and when it arrives it is immediately tested unchilled. The Pinot Gris was smooth, no overtones of what I term the green edge, full of fruit aromas and so delightful to drink I have 2 left which will age for another 6 months hopefully. Still don't know the winery but highly regarded as magnificent wine.

20th September 2020 | Brian Lever

A superb Pinot Gris suitable for all occasions at a price affordable to all. 3rd case on its way

20th September 2020 | Brian

Such an easy drink - smooth and full flavoured.

20th September 2020 | Nick

Absolutely love this wine! Low acidity, well-balanced and a touch of botrytis adds complexity - recommended.

20th September 2020 | Christian Brown

A perfect summer lunch in a glass. Not too dry, slightly sweet, juicy crisp deliciousness!

20th September 2020 | Jan

Fantastic. Our "go to" relaxing time wine!

20th September 2020 | Kathy & Trevor Anderson

Light golden colour, thin legs and tropical aroma. Taste of lemon marmalade, mango and orange. Initially sweet and syrupy, but developing in the glass.

20th September 2020 | John Smith

An enjoyable Pinot Gris. It's been awhile since I've had a Pinot Gris so this was a nice bottle to remind how good it can be.

19th September 2020 | Karen McDougall

Super, delicious I will be back next week for more.

19th September 2020 | Jan

A very refreshing Pinot Gris. A little sweet for my taste, but the fruit flavours make up for the sweet finish. I will order more for summer lunches.

19th September 2020 | Geoff Wakelin

All rounder with great flavours and at this price excellent value.Wife says buy more, I agree.

19th September 2020 | Peter McDonald

A very pleasant and easy drinking Pinot Gris, not too sweet and not too heavy. So well worth the risk of trying without knowing anything about it.

19th September 2020 | Sue Hudson

Fruity and sweet, too easy to drink and great value. Have already bought more.

19th September 2020 | Ben

A very appealing wine that is fresh and full of flavour. A great buy at the price.

19th September 2020 | Margaret Alcock

My best buy ever from Fine Wine Delivery. Rich and textural, and yet off dry

19th September 2020 | Bruce Bithell

An enjoyable Pinot Gris pleasant tasting will definitely be ordering more.

19th September 2020 | David Irvine

Incredible value for the flavor. would defiantly purchase again

19th September 2020 | Wayne Doughty

This is a lovely Otago pinot gris, it's sweet and minerally with a low acidity that makes it perfect for drinking in the afternoon with nibbles.

19th September 2020 | Daisy Blincoe

Wonderful flavour, has become popular with fellow Pinot Gris wine drinkers. For the price it is excellent and I get positive comments when sharing a glass with visitors - they think it is a far more expensive bottle. Many thanks Fine Wine.

19th September 2020 | Norma Marsh

A smooth and fruity wine, full of flavour and very easy on the palate. Excellent value for money.

18th September 2020 | Andy

Easily the best Pinot Gris I’ve had and the price just adds to its charm - truly good whatever the price!

18th September 2020 | Michal McKay

Fresh, fruity and amazing value for money! Couldn’t wait to buy more. Highly recommended!!

18th September 2020 | Martin Brannigan

Outstanding value for money. You know that you are drinking a high quality wine from the first mouth full.

18th September 2020 | Dale Hoy

More and more I have become a fan of Pino Gris wine and this particular wine is one of the reasons why! Drinking well until 2023 they said!! Ha, fat chance, it will be lucky to last till Christmas! Perfect for warm weather drinks, so summer better be here quick or this wine won't be

18th September 2020 | Chrissy Van Hassel

At the risk of selling it out, beautiful Pinot Gris, very easy drinking wine

18th September 2020 | John Symonds

Excellent write up of this wine.main drinker of Pinot gris in love . has even given mr permission to buy more

18th September 2020 | Dennis Farmiloe

Was very easy drinking

18th September 2020 | Shona Fitzpatrick

Well, my dear wife is the white wine drinker in our house and she is also annoyingly fussy. Unlike me she won't drink shiraz, merlot, cabernet sauvignon or anything red. Not even anything white regardless. However, to my surprise she discovered that she likes (no, LOVES) pinot gris! By accident apparently. So, to fill in time during the world lockdown she has been trying this brand and that brand. and I've now been instructed that whilst she appreciates me buying her the wine she will only drink this one! So, you see, she has me in a corner. Unless I buy her your breed of pinot gris I will be forced to drink whatever else!!! Help, please? oh, and finally, I have a confession to make... I rather like it too!

18th September 2020 | John Irvine

We love this wine! I'm a fan of Pinot Gris and this is a wine worth far more than its current price. I've already ordered two cases and am about to order more.

18th September 2020 | C Schofield

This wine is delicious

18th September 2020 | Paul McNabb

Love this wine. Great value for the price

18th September 2020 | David mcneish

Astonishing value for money. I’ve been rationing myself because it’s so good and I don’t want to run out!

18th September 2020 | Geoff Lowe

Great wine for this price. Very good drinking with nice fruit and hint of spice with just the right amount of sweetness. Would definitely buy again.

18th September 2020 | Tony Goddard

Light and refreshing - best not too cold.

18th September 2020 | Eric Stringer

A brilliant little wine. Initially I was a little cautious, however, once chilled a little the flavours were flavours were brilliant with just a little touch of sweetness.

18th September 2020 | Eric Goodhew

Don’t let the 2017 deter you! This a well rounded and luscious tasting wine. Worth more than the special price.

18th September 2020 | Michael Evans

This was a great wine! I think for me I prefer a white wine a little more buttery, however this is so drinkable!

18th September 2020 | Chloe Leutenegger

Very drinkable worth more than $12.90

18th September 2020 | Steve Hamer

Best ever depth of full bodied flavour for a Pinot Gris ever tasted.

18th September 2020 | Linda McLeod

A smooth, flavourful and delicious wine. Excellent value and quality.

18th September 2020 | Michael Sommerville

Light and fruity flavour!

18th September 2020 | Winnie

Wow this does live up to the hype for value. Alsace weight, beautifully balanced, mouth-filling and long finishing!

18th September 2020 | John Penney

I rated a very good buy, it was clean, not too aromatic and enjoyable PG. It went down very well at a recent 'happy hour' I held with a few friends in this retirement village. Quite 'Covid" lock up treat.

18th September 2020 | Paul Asquith

Excellent dry and rich pinot gris. Stunningly good value, so much so I'm now onto my 4th case!

18th September 2020 | Sonja Pearson

excellent value for money

18th September 2020 | Fiona

Amazing value for money, definitely on the 'Buy more' list.

18th September 2020 | David Prestage

I am slightly reluctant to review this wine as I worry it may run out. However, truth time. This wine is stunning. It has a full palate on many levels, consistent with a wine from Central Otago. I cannot recommend it highly enough to lovers of a great pinot gris. We use it as an evening drink, our guests get it and we give it as gifts. Sensational buying at the price.

18th September 2020 | Lauren Young

Lovely fruity wine, with beautiful start, middle and end. I will be coming back for more. Fabulous flavour at a fabulous price!

18th September 2020 | Janine Grul

A Pinot Gris that I would recommend to others as it was a most agreeable wine that satisfied our tastes

18th September 2020 | Gail Taylor

An exceptional Pinot Gris, after trying the first bottle, I immediately bought another case.

18th September 2020 | Mark and Diane Emms

Very rich and fruity for a pinot gris. A great buy for the price so a good way to restock the cellar

18th September 2020 | Chris

Beautiful ripe pear and quince flavour comes through

18th September 2020 | Graham Guy

Impressive quality pinot gris for the price. I will be buying more!

18th September 2020 | Rebecca

A well balanced Pinot Gris with nice fruit flavours and a slight sweet finish. Excellent value.

18th September 2020 | Earl Ellis

I've never been a Pinot Gris enthusiast but my wife is. She loves this Central Otago nameless orphan and I can now see why. Lovely and dry with balanced stone fruits make it a winner in our extended household come holiday time in the sunny BOP! Cheers Gavin

18th September 2020 | Gavin McDonald

Fantastically drinkable Pinot Gris. Excellent quality and such a bargain at this price! Highly recommend

18th September 2020 | Brent McGillivray

Great colour, nose. Full bodied up front: stays on the back palate: medium dry. Great buying.

18th September 2020 | James Scott

Normally prefer a drier pinot-gris but this was really quite delicious!

18th September 2020 | Domini Beale

I was astonished at the flavour of this Pinot Gris when I opened my first bottle. It is one of the best Pinot Gris I have ever drunk. Absolutely superb

18th September 2020 | Barry Cato

Smooth, creamy and delicious

18th September 2020 | Cherie

This is a very tasty wine for the price,extremely good value. Cheers Peter Jackson

18th September 2020 | Peter Jackson

This Pinot Gris is delicious and fantastic value. It has a lovely stone fruit taste and I can definitely get a hint of spice. There is a nice zestiness about it too

18th September 2020 | Jan Warren

What a surprise! What big bang for buck this wine is! I'm very fussy about my pinot gris selection and this one really delivers. I'd happily recommend it to family, friends and you.

18th September 2020 | Catherine Mansell

I enjoyed this Pinot Gris the first case I bought, hence buying a second case. I found it refreshing and crisp yet with a not too sweet after taste that appealed to my palet.

18th September 2020 | Donna Watts

Great value for money wine

18th September 2020 | Tim Wood

I am a big fan of Pinot Gris and this one certainly did not disappoint.

18th September 2020 | David Lampp

This has got to be the best value Pinot Gris on the market. If you have never tried a hidden label FWDC wine before and enjoy a Pinot Gris this is the one to try first.

18th September 2020 | Ken Shields

We’ve saved so much by not purchasing the full label version. It’s our favourite daily wine!

18th September 2020 | Patrick Walsh

Excellent value at this price. Flavourful wine without the acidity often found in this price bracket.

18th September 2020 | Cassandra

Refreshing, lots of flavours, nice little tangy after-taste. Terrific value. I look forward to it.

18th September 2020 | Mike Askew

Nice Pinot Gris, sweet, but not too much. Went well with a fish meal

18th September 2020 | Chris Leggett

What a really excellent wine at a very excellent price,

18th September 2020 | Dr Hylton LE GRICE

Excellent pinot gris for the price - I was amazed. Trying not to drink it all at once.

18th September 2020 | Stephanie Watson

Very good Central Otago Pinot Gris. A perfect representation of the variety and region. Outstanding value!

18th September 2020 | Alex


18th September 2020 | Ian Marshall

An enjoyable Pinot Gris with low acidity. Sav Blancs & most Chardonnays do not agree with me so it was a pleasure to find this & I will be reordering.

31st August 2020 | Gaye Bartlett